Forex Swing Trading - BabyPips.comI don't like day-trading.  

Keep that in mind but I've decided to start another $100,000 portfolio (actually $110,000 as funded) that will focus on producing an income AND taking advantage of short-term moves - when the opportunities present themselves. The problem with day-trading is it can overwhelm the site and a lot of people don't know how to set stops and scale in and out - etc. - so limiting this Swing Trading Portfolio to Premium Members (who presumably have experience and can afford the risk) is a good way to get back into short-term trading - which is an important tool in a boring market.

As you guys know, I am first and foremost a value investor and that doesn't go out the window just because I'm day-trading.  We look for opportunities like, this morning, Intel (INTC) has just laid out their strategy for AI chips at Computex and I was impressed and Boaty (our AGI assistant) was impressed too: 

Based on the recent announcements from Intel at Computex 2024 and other sources, here is an analysis of Intel's competitive positioning against Nvidia and the potential impact on Intel's stock valuation for January 2025 and 2026:

Key Intel Announcements at Computex 2024

- Unveiled the Xeon 6 server chips with E-cores, offering higher core counts, density, performance per watt, and a smaller footprint compared to the previous generation. This allows data centers to consolidate and save energy and rack space.[11][12]

- Officially launched the Gaudi 3 AI accelerator chip, claiming it is over 2x more power-efficient and can run AI models 1.5x faster than Nvidia's H100 GPU. Gaudi 3 is priced at 2/3 the cost of comparable Nvidia offerings.[9][11]

- Revealed details of the AI-focused Lunar Lake PC chip, featuring a new CPU architecture, enhanced Xe2 GPU, and an NPU with 48 TOPS.

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