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Day Traders…Wired and ‘Tired’.

Another view of the NY Times article recommended by Brett Steenbarger, New York Times piece on Day Traders 2.0 – ‘Wired, Angry and Loving it  - Ilene 

Day Traders…Wired and ‘Tired’.

Courtesy of Howard Lindzon 

I was emailed recently by David Segal of The New York Times because he stumbled upon in his research for today’s New York Times piece on Day Traders 2.0 – ‘Wired, Angry and Loving it . David got the wired part correct.

In the spirit of ‘all press is good press’, we spoke a few times at length about trading, the markets, and David asked for some intros to traders that use our product.

If you talk to me as long as David did, you will get some good soundbites. On my end, I am never sure about the context so I am always crossing my fingers. Here is one of the quotes he chose:…
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