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Trump Protesters Breach Barricades, Clash With Riot Police – Live Feed

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Submitted by Tyler Durden.

Outside the California Republican Party ‘lunch banquet’ in Burlingame at which Donald Trump is set to speak this afternoon, Anti-Trump protesters have swelled in numbers and turned violent. Having breached barricades, riot police have begun to move in and are arresting some of the group…

Trump protestors, supporters, clash this morning outside GOP convention in California

— seattlepi (@seattlepi) April 29, 2016

This protest follows similar tensions at a Sothern California rally last night.

Live Feed:

*  *  *

Activists inside #GOP convention have dropped a banner reading “STOP HATE” w/ a photo of a gun wielding GOP elephant

— Javier Panzar (@jpanzar) April 29, 2016

Nevermind, they stopped short of the 101, blocked other end of Bayshore.

— Seema Mehta (@LATSeema) April 29, 2016

Topless ppl chanting “Make love, not a wall, we want equal rights for all.”

— Seema Mehta (@LATSeema) April 29, 2016

Protesters just broke thru the barriers are russhing hotel.

— Seema Mehta (@LATSeema) April 29, 2016

Russia And Saudi Arabia Locked In Relentless Fight Over China’s Oil Market

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Submitted by Tyler Durden.

Submitted by Irina Slav via,

Russia and Saudi Arabia have been (relatively) quietly fighting for market share in China ever since oil prices started their downward spiral in mid-2014now the battle is heating up, and teapot refineries are what could tip the balance.

Though the Saudis had historically been China’s biggest oil supplier, Russia managed to take the top spot several times during that period, thanks to the so-called teapot refineries. This has now forced the Saudis to do something they’ve never done before—target teapots on the spot market in order to regain lost market share.

Teapot refineries rose to fame due to their greater processing flexibility as compared with state-owned Chinese oil giants. Last year, they finally won import quotas for crude, most of which they then export in the form of oil products.

Russia was quick on the uptake and until recently was the leading supplier to these teapots. Now, however, the Saudis have stepped up their game and have offered teapots spot oil contracts. That’s very unusual for Saudi Arabia, which prefers to trade its oil on the futures markets and at a fixed price--but the stakes seem to be high enough to justify this move.

However, life is not all easy for the teapots, either. Last year, they faced tightened credit requirements from local banks, who got worried about falling returns. The independent refiners found a solution to this problem this year, when 16 of them agreed to ally in order to improve their purchasing power.

The China Petroleum Purchase Federation of Independent Refineries was formed in early March with the ambition of covering the whole chain of imports, processing and exports. According to shipbroker Gibson, teapots could come to account for 20 percent of all Chinese crude oil imports this year.

In March, the country imported a total 32.61 million tons of crude, up by more than one-fifth on the year. Over the first quarter, imports reached 91.1 million tons, up 13.4 percent on the year. Teapots were the driver of this increase, so it’s understandable why they are drawing so much attention from the world’s top two exporters.

And yet, they might prove a losing bet.

Despite the new alliance, teapots are still in a worse position
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China’s Most Innovative Capital Outflow Yet: Buying Legendary Italian Football Club AC Milan

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Submitted by Tyler Durden.

With the Chinese government having dramatically clamped down on various forms of capital flight in recent months (incidentally, a key driver for the surge in the price of bitcoin over the past year), Chinese residents have been coming up with increasingly more innovative forms of capital flight. One, noted previously, has been the unprecedented scramble to purchase foreign companies with no regard for price. After all, if the only intention is to have a legal basis to ship funds offshore, and debt investors willing to foot the bill, why not.

The chart below has shown the dramatic surge in leverage at some Chinese companies who have recently unleashed this dramatic M&A spree.

The M&A scramble became so bizarre that a month ago we reported on the story of a money-losing Chinese miner set to purchase a British computer games developer in a $300m bizarro deal that encapsulates the spirit of China’s frenzied, and often incongruous, debt-fuelled shopping spree. Surely synergies abound there.

We then showed 8 things the Chinese are scrambling to buy in America as a legitimate conduit to park capital in the US, although that pathway may be slowly shutting now that Congress has gotten far more picky in selecting which Chinese acquisitions it will greenlight (and the media is actually exposing the vested interest behind these deals like the pulled Anbang attempt to acquire Marriott Hotels).

And then there was the “lost arbitration” pathway, in which a Chinese company purposefully company violates a contract with a fake US shell company and then quickly loses an arbitration in the United States, so as to have grounds of transferring funds offshore.

Today, we find the latest, and perhaps most innovative attempt to circumvent capital controls yet when a group of Chinese investors has offered to buy AC Milan football club, one of former Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi’s most cherished assets. The offer values the club at around 700 million euros including debt, one of the sources said.

Berlusconi, whose family holding company Fininvest owns the Serie A club, has been looking for a buyer for a minority stake for more than a year without reaching a deal. He may have finally found a willing buyer who is happy…
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“A 2015-like Market Crash In Chinese Commodities Is Inevitable”

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Submitted by Tyler Durden.

Is Everyone Wrong On The “Causation” Of The Commodity Bubble? While it appeared ‘retail’ was responsible for the panic-buying chaotic volume surge in Chinese commodities, Axiom Capital Management’s Gordon L Johnson points out that in fact… China Bank Special Interest Vehicles’ “Bold” Commodity Speculation Is The Real Budding Black Swan

WMP Speculation Likely Cause for the ’16 Commodity Rally, Not Retail Investors (“Cab-Drivers”).

In ‘09 when deposit growth in China’s then ~$11tn banking system started to crash, China’s banks, in an attempt to avoid becoming illiquid while also maintaining their mandate to lend just 75% of deposits to maintain “healthy” bal. sheets, began issuing Wealth-Management-Products (“WMPs”) at an unprecedented clip. Without going into the nuances, WMPs are unregulated, off-bal. sheet (“OBS”), high-interest bearing savings-plans/money-mrkt-funds, which are comprised of banks’ riskiest loans (thus, their ability to offer rates above traditional bank savings accounts); they are also not required to reserve bank capital to cover potential defaults – these products often involve high-risk debts held by Chinese companies in industries beset by overcapacity.

WMPs are offered to investors via bank-controlled OBS Special Interest Vehicles (“SIVs”), which are capitalized with the proceeds from the WMP deposits from retail investors. The SIV then levers up (i.e., borrows) 5:1, or in some cases 10:1, via short-term/overnight paper (to keep the borrowing costs low [or the interest on the leverage would “kill” the SIV’s returns]) – CDO-like leverage on top of leverage – to generate the needed 5%-15% returns promised to retail investors.

Initially, the desired 5%-15% s-term WMP returns were met by the underlying high-risk loans, but then the loans went bad; then, they were targeted at real-estate, & shortly thereafter China’s real-estate mrkt crashed; subsequently, they targeted China’s stock mrkt, via margin lending, but when margin volumes collapsed 64% 6/15-3/16, this ave. to generate “quick returns” dried up.

Now, highly-levered WMPs are targeting the commodity-futures mrkts.

The proof? Well, while Shanghai rebar futures contracts avg.’d $180mn/day in Jan. ’16, this amount surged to $51.4bn/day in Apr. ’16 (a 285x increase) – yes, you heard that right. In fact iron-ore, coking-coal, & polypropolyene futures avg. daily trading values Apr. vs. Jan. ’16 are up 114x, 1,056x, & 150x.

Given the sheer scale (tens of trillions RMB), we blv this is all bank risk (not retail/cabbie-risk).
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Ten. Million. Dollars.

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Submitted by Tim Knight from Slope of Hope.

I have written about my town, Palo Alto, many times here on the Slope of Hope (a sampling can be found by clicking here), and these posts tend to focus on the rapidly-escalating real estate prices. I personally think we’re past the top at this point, since I’ve noticed the For Sale signs in my neighborhood are actually just sitting there. It used to be that houses sold instantly. At this point, I’m noticing the signs lingering for weeks. Something has changed.

In spite of this, I noticed something on my regular early morning dog walk that I wanted to mention. In the twilight of 5:30 a.m., I noticed a small home around the corner from mine had a For Sale sign. I had long noticed this little house, because it was on a surprisingly large lot, almost completely devoid of anything but squirrels, and it was a cute little cottage. Having seen the sign, I was curious what they were asking. Two million? Three million, perhaps?

It just goes to show how outlandish things have become, since I couldn’t even guess the asking price. I present it to you now:


You read that correctly. Ten million bucks. (OK, nine million nine hundred ninety eight thousand). You can see the palace on the left side of the image. How big is this mansion, you ask? I can also tell you that:


Almost one thousand square feet! Two bedrooms! One FULL bath! Got more than one person in your household? Sorry, you’ll have to wait in line.

Of course, they are not pretending to be selling this property for the value of the house. It’s just the dirt beneath it, which is a little more than half an acre. In many parts of the country, half an acre is a basic middle class lot size. Here in Palo Alto, it is seriously offered, as shown above, as the potential site for “a family compound.” A compound. What, like multiple residences for your clan?

I guess the mint blue paint was supposed to sex it up, since as you can see from Google Street View below, it used to be, well, kind of brown. But take a moment to drink in the ambience of the property and consider whether or not you want to get your checkbook out.


A Few Facts About Gold That Nay-Sayers Conveniently Ignore

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Submitted by Phoenix Capital Research.

We  continue to see articles by so called “experts” trashing Gold and Silver as investments. Gold is everything from a “Pet Rock” to a “Dumb Investment” or “Barbarous Relic.”

Do these people even bother doing research? Or are they just stock shills?

First and foremost, you cannot compare Gold’s performance relative to stocks anywhere before 1967.


Because Gold was pegged to currencies up until that point. Any comparison of Gold’s performance relative to other asset classes prior to 1967 is completely misleading because Gold’s performance was limited by currency pegging.

However, once began to be de-pegged in 1967, the story changes.

As Bill King notes, Gold’s performance has absolutely DEMOLISHED that of stocks post 1967. The below chart normalizes both asset classes.

As you can see, even with Gold having lost nearly 40% of its value since 2011, and stocks soaring to all time highs over 2,100 on the S&P 500, the comparison isn’t even close.

This outperformance has continued recently despite the Fed juicing the market at every turn.

Between the year 2000 and today, stocks have been in two of the biggest stock bubbles in history. Over this time period the Fed has done almost nothing but prop stocks up by printing money or maintaining interest rates far below where they should be.

And yet, Gold has once again CRUSHED stocks’ performance. Again, the comparison isn’t even close (and that includes Gold’s terrible performance from 2011 onwards).

Despite these two facts, you rarely if ever see pro-Gold articles appear in the media.

It’s odd… for an asset class that less than 1% of investors actually own, “reporters” and “analysts” sure spend an awful lot of trashing it. How come they don’t spend an equal amount of time trashing uranium or other under-owned asset? Why spend so much time focusing on an asset that so few people even own?

Probably because:

1)   Gold doesn’t generate any revenue for financial institutions (brokers, investment managers, etc.)

2)   Gold doesn’t benefit the banks, as you can store it if your own safe.

3)   Gold and its performance run counter to the view that you can generate wealth via money printing.

At the end of the day, buying Gold represents pulling your money from the financial system……
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Amid Rising Fears Of Nuclear Terrorism, Belgium Hands Out Iodine Pills To Entire Population

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Submitted by Tyler Durden.

One month after we learned that the Brussels suicide bombers had planted hidden cameras at the home of the top Belgian nuclear official, we now learn that in a disturbing continuation of this story, the entire population of Belgium will be receiving iodine tablets, which helps to limit the effects of radiation on the body, as fears increase around the security of its nuclear power plants.

Iodine pills, which can help block radioactive iodine from being absorbed by the thyroid gland, had previously only been given to people living within 20km (14 miles) of the Tihange and Doel nuclear plants, but Health Minister Maggie De Block said that coverage was extended to 100km. The extended coverage area now encompasses essentially the entire country of 11 million people. “We will provide iodine pills in the whole country.”

She added: “It is not linked with the safety of our nuclear plants. The recommendation came after Fukushima … because obviously after Fukushima, we have more information regarding nuclear risks.”

The pills will be sent to pharmacies, and the public would be ordered to collect their ration in the event of a meltdown, with children, pregnant women, and those breast-feeding being given top priority.

In response to the announcement, Belgian politician Jean-Marc Nollet said “the government is finally accepting the recommendation of the Health Ministry. Given the population density and the risk of a nuclear disaster, this was absolutely necessary.

The plan to increase the coverage area comes just after Germany had asked Belgium to take two of their reactors offline until “open safety questions are cleared up.” Belgium’s nuclear regulator AFCN said that it was surprised by Germany’s request, and added that the nuclear reactors meet the most strictest of standards. According to RT, the two 33 year old reactors were taken offline in 2012 after defects were found in the walls of the reactors’ pressure vessels. AFCN cleared their re-start in November, saying the cracks were hydrogen flakes trapped in the walls of the reactor tank and had no impact on safety.

As we previously reported, following the investigation into the Brussels bombings, it was discovered that the bombers were planning attacks on Belgian nuclear power stations. The brothers involved…
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Jim Bianco Warns “The Risk Of An ‘Accident’ Is Very High”

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Submitted by Tyler Durden.

In an interesting interview with Finanz und Wirtschaft, Bianco Research president Jim Bianco discusses a variety of topics such as negative interest rates turning the entire credit process upside down, bank balance sheets being even more complex and concentrated than before the financial crisis, energy loans being an accident waiting to happen, the markets having veto power over the Fed, and gold having more room to run.

* * *

Mr. Bianco, negative interest are causing a lot of stir at the financial markets. It looks like even the Bank of Japan is having some doubts now, since it didn’t launch more monetary stimulus this week. What’s your take on negative interest rates?

Even if you go back to the Egyptian pharaohs and the Fertile Crescent in Mesopotamia we have never consistently seen negative interest rates in the reported human history until two years ago. That’s why investors are worried that negative rates are going to create distortions and what you see out of Japan are some of those distortions. The Bank of Japan is not getting the market reaction that it expected. So if negative yields are not a mistake then central bankers have to do a better job in explaining to the world why this is going to work out just fine.

Why are many investors so skeptical about negative interest rates?

People are still staring at negative interest rates and still not comprehending them. When the ECB introduced negative interest rates two years ago the world viewed it just as a temporary gimmick. But then, on January 29th, the Bank of Japan comes in and they go negative as well. After the Bank of Japan decided to go negative, the number of outstanding bonds with a negative yield suddenly doubled in about two days. If you exclude the US market, around 45% of sovereign bonds in the world are now yielding negative.

Why is it so hard to understand negative interest rates?

The problem with negative rates is two-fold. Firstly, it’s a procedure problem. Even though we at the financial markets look at our screens and see negative numbers, negative interest rates don’t exist at the consumer level. The banks in Europe are not offering negative mortgages, they’re not offering negative deposits and they’re not issuing bonds

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Crude Unable To Bounce Despite Biggest Rig Count Decline In 6 Weeks

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Submitted by Tyler Durden.

After its earlier pump and rapid dump, WTI crude is unable to bounce for now despite the biggest rig count decline in 6 weeks. The oil rig count declined by 11 to 332 – the lowest since October 2009 – tracking lagged crude prices. If the co-dependence continues we would expect to see rig counts begin to rise (or stop declining) very soon. Total US rig count dropped to 420 – a new all-time record low.



Will we see rig counts stabilize here – tracking the legged price of crude?

In Latest US-China Escalation, Beijing Denies US Aircraft Carrier Access To Hong Kong Port

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Submitted by Tyler Durden.

What until now was mostly effete jawboning over US complaints surrounding China’s territorial expansion ambitions in the South China Sea, including the occasional sailing of a US ship deep inside the disputed territorial waters (with zero impact especially now that China may soon start building maritime nuclear power plants in the area), changed dramatically earlier today when China officially denied a U.S. carrier strike group’s request for a port visit to Hong Kong next week.

The Stennis strike group

As Stripes writes, the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs notified the United States Thursday of its decision to deny the USS John C. Stennis and its escort ships access to the former British colony, Darragh Paradiso, a spokeswoman for the U.S. Consulate General in Hong Kong, said by phone. The ministry provided no explanation for the move.

While U.S. warships frequently visit Hong Kong, port calls have been canceled at times of diplomatic strain between the two Asia-Pacific powers. In 2007, China denied access to the city’s port by the aircraft carrier USS Kitty Hawk.

The decision follows weeks of increasing diplomatic sparring between China and the U.S. over Beijing’s claims to more than 80 percent of the South China Sea. The nuclear-powered Stennis has played a central role in U.S. efforts to demonstrate its continued security presence in the disputed waters, with Defense Secretary Ashton Carter visiting the warship on patrol there in April.

A plane carrying U.S. Secretary of Defense Ash Carter lands on the deck of the USS
John C. Stennis on April 15, 2016, as the ship sailed through the South China Sea.

According to Shi Yinhong, director of the Center on American Studies at Renmin University in Beijing, and a foreign policy adviser to the State Council, the Stennis has become a “symbol of efforts to spark strategic tensions between China and the United States. The cancellation is a snapshot of the current intensity in China-U.S. security relations. Without significant security need, routine port calls would not have been canceled.

While the US has been complaining about China’s territorial expansions over the past year, culminating with the current recent incident, China’s claims to the South China Sea have resulted in numerous other disputes with other neighboring Southeast Asian nations that assert…
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Zero Hedge

Trump Protesters Breach Barricades, Clash With Riot Police - Live Feed

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Submitted by Tyler Durden.

Outside the California Republican Party 'lunch banquet' in Burlingame at which Donald Trump is set to speak this afternoon, Anti-Trump protesters have swelled in numbers and turned violent. Having breached barricades, riot police have begun to move in and are arresting some of the group...

Trump protestors, supporters, clash this morning outside GOP convention in California

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Chart School

March Real Disposable Income Per Capita Rises Again

Courtesy of Doug Short's Advisor Perspectives.

With the release of today's report on March Personal Incomes and Outlays we can now take a closer look at "Real" Disposable Personal Income Per Capita.

The first chart shows both the nominal per capita disposable income and the real (inflation-adjusted) equivalent since 2000. This indicator was significantly disrupted by the bizarre but predictable oscillation caused by 2012 year-end tax strategies in expectation of tax hikes in 2013.

At two decimal places, the nominal 0.31% month-over-month increase in disposable income comes in at 0.26% when we adjust for inflation. The year-over-year metrics are 3.20% nominal and 2.35% real.


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All About Trends

Mid-Day Update

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The Psychology of Human Misjudgment | 25 Cognitive Biases | Charlie Munger @ Harvard University

By Jacob Wolinsky. Originally published at ValueWalk.

The Psychology of Human Misjudgment | 25 Cognitive Biases | Charlie Munger @ Harvard University

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Published on Apr 10, 2016

The Psychology of Human Misjudgment talk by Charlie Munger. Also known as Charlie Munger's 25 Cognitive Bias talk.

Charlie Munger, the billionaire investor and friend of Warren Buffett gave this to talk to high level MBA programs and value investors, to help improve ...

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Phil's Favorites

The Full Story Behind Bloomberg's Attempt To "Unmask" Zero Hedge

As everyone here knows, we love Zero Hedge and love being able to get a quick take on the news before all the paint jobs. Who the Tyler Durdens are has always been a mystery that we haven't felt a need to solve. In the end we choose what to read and should evaluate it ourselves anyway. (Reading only what you already agree with is a good way to never learn anything; the Internet makes that very easy.)

William Banzai's description (below his picture) of the some of the contributors is pretty accurate, but there's no doubt that ZH is a uniquely provocative website with exceptional content from the Tyler Durdens. And if you're a fanatical gold-lover, conspiracy theorist, internet troll, completely mindless bigot and/or counting days till the end of the world, head to the comments...

Picture courtesy of ...

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Market News

News You Can Use From Phil's Stock World


Financial Markets and Economy

U.S. Corporate Profits on Pace for Third Straight Decline (WSJ)

U.S. corporate profits, weighed down by the energy slump and slowing global growth, are set to decline for the third straight quarter in the longest slide in earnings since the financial crisis.

Weakness was felt across the board, with executives from Apple Inc. to railroad Norfolk Southern Corp. and snack giant Mondelez International Inc. saying the current quarter remains tough. 


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King Dollar breaking down, below monthly support, says Joe Friday

Courtesy of Chris Kimble.


Starting in 2014, the US Dollar experienced one of its strongest 12-month rallies in its history. That strong rally pushed it up to the top of a trading channel and drove monthly momentum to the highest levels in the past 15-years.

Over the past 12-months, the US$ has pretty much just traded sideways.

Joe Friday Just The Facts; US Dollar could close out the month at “new monthly closing lows” when looking back over the past 15-months, as momentu...

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PRGO, VRX and an Overpriced Papa

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By Ilene 

Remember this? It was Monday. PRGO is down from around $130 to under $100 since I started following it LAST WEEK. That's down almost 25% in a week, and almost 50% in the last year. So I wrote, 

"Perrigo CEO Joseph Papa leaves Perrigo (PRGO) to lead Valeant (VRX) while PRGO issues a warning about missing earnings expectations. Not surprisingly, PRGO stock plummeted today. 

Robert Ingram, Chairman of the [Valeant] Board, stated, "The Board has conducted a thorough search process and believes that Joe is the ideal leader for Valeant at this time. He has a strong shareholder orientation,...

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Swing trading portfolio - week of April 25th, 2016

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This post is for all our live virtual trade ideas and daily comments. Please click on "comments" below to follow our live discussion. All of our current  trades are listed in the spreadsheet below, with entry price (1/2 in and All in), and exit prices (1/3 out, 2/3 out, and All out).

We also indicate our stop, which is most of the time the "5 day moving average". All trades, unless indicated, are front-month ATM options. 

Please feel free to participate in the discussion and ask any questions you might have about this virtual portfolio, by clicking on the "comments" link right below.

To learn more about the swing trading virtual portfolio (strategy, performance, FAQ, etc.), please click here ...

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Digital Currencies

Is Bitcoin About To Soar?

Courtesy of ZeroHedge. View original post here.

Back on September 2, 2015 when bitcoin was trading at $230, we laid out the simplest and most fundamental reason why, irrelevant of one's ideological persuasion with "alternative" or digital currency - bitcoin would soar.

it was earlier this summer when the digital currency, which can bypass capital controls and national borders with the click of a button, surged on Grexit concerns and fears a Drachma return would crush the savings of an entire nation. Since then, BTC has dropped (in no small part as a result of the ...

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Mapping The Market

About that debate last night

Although we try to stay focused on finding and managing promising trade ideas, the comments in the comment section sometimes take a political turn (for access, try PSW — click here!). So today, Jean Luc writes,

The GOP debate last night was just unreal – are these people running to be president of the US or to lead a college fraternity! Comparing tool size? The only guy that looks semi-sane is Kasich. The other guys are just like 3 jackals right now. 

And something else – if Trump is the candidate, that little Romney speech yesterday is probably already being made into a commercial. And all these little snippets from the debate will also make some nice ads! If you are a conservative, you have to be scared now. 

Phil writes back,

I was expecting them to start throwing poop at each other &n...

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"Hello PSW Members –

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Last fall there was some discussion on the PSW board regarding setting up a YouCaring donation page for a PSW member, Shadowfax. Since then, we have been looking into ways to help get him additional medical services and to pay down his medical debts.  After following those leads, we are ready to move ahead with the YouCaring site. (Link is posted below.)  Any help you can give will be greatly appreciated; not only to help aid in his medical bill debt, but to also show what a great community this group is.

Thank you for you time!

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