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JCPenney Crashes After CEO Unexpectedly Quits To Join Lowe’s

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In the great race between JCPenney and Sears of which retailer will be the world's slowest melting icecube, and who will file Chapter 11 (or 7) first, today the former took a decisive lead when JC Penney’s CEO Marvin Ellison unexpectedly announced he is leaving the near-insolvent department store operator to join home improvement retailer Lowe’s.

The shocking announcement came less than 3 years after Ellison took the top job at JC Penney, following an activist attempt by Bill Ackman to "fix" JCPenney ended in disaster.

The announcement was so unexpected it appears to thave surprised even the board of directors which said it had elected current Lead Independent Director Ronald W. Tysoe as Chairman of the Board and instead of a replacement CEO, it has created an Office of the CEO, which will be comprised of Chief Financial Officer Jeff Davis, Chief Customer Officer Joe McFarland, Chief Information Officer and Chief Digital Officer Therace Risch and Executive Vice President of Supply Chain Mike Robbins.

In short, the rats are leaving the sinking ship and are not even bothering to tell the other rats.

As the FT notes, Ellison is "leaving behind a company that is struggling to turn around an ongoing sales slump that has been exacerbated by the rise of e-commerce and changing consumer shopping habits."

What he is also doing is assuring that all those who put JCP ahead of Sears on their deadpool will win.

JC Penney said Ellison would stay on until June 1. Ellison’s departure came just days after JC Penney issued another  disappointing set of first quarter results and cut its profit outlook for the year.

“I want to thank Marvin for his many significant contributions to JCPenney over the past three years,” said chairman Ronald Tysoe.

“During his tenure, the Company retired $1.4 billion in debt, renewed and enhanced its revolving credit facility and has significantly strengthened the Company’s financial position. “Additionally, he assembled a strong leadership team that will continue to serve the Company in an elevated capacity to ensure the entire organization remains focused on our customer and improving results. We thank Marvin for his leadership and dedication, and wish him much success in his next endeavor.”

The stock plunged as much as 10% in the premarket. Lowe's rose over 3.0%

This Is The Most Important Chart To Watch On Italy

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As traders arrive at their desks this morning across America, one could be forgiven for exclaiming "I love the smell of relief rallies in the morning" as Italian bond yields are lower and Italian bank stocks are not tumbling (for the first time since Five-Star and The League joined forces)…

…and US equity futures are holding gains (from yesterday's Trump Trade Truce)…

…suggest that the indestructible market mantra that "bad is good" and "buy the dip" is back.

There's just one thing…

The Italian crisis is far from over and the concept of their 'mini-BoT' parallel currency is throwing up some very red flags about the future of the European Union

You just have to know where to look.

As Bloomberg's Tasos Vossos notes, a gauge of euro re-denomination risk (based on the so-called 'ISDA Basis' in Italy's credit default swaps) blew out.

What's more, redenomination risks are spreading as the measure widened in Portugal, Spain, and in France to a lesser extent, according to CMAN data.

As parallel currencies and debt-cancellation become serious discussion points for an Italian government, so European break-up risk is resurging.

Simply put, the higher this chart goes, the lower the market 'values' an Italian Euro relative to say a German Euro… and thus it is measuring the risk that the European Union – so long defended by Draghi et al. as indestructible – will break up.

As Marcello Minenna, head of Quantitative Analysis and Financial Innovation at Consob – the Italian securities regulator, previously noted, "markets do not lie… Italy must avoid remaining with short end of the stick. I wonder if our leadership will rise to the challenge."

While the European Central Bank’s commitment to defend the irreversibility of the euro is based as much on threats as on positive pledges, financial markets understand the risks of "Italeave" even if the likelihood of the event is still judged to be low.

This can be seen in the data on credit default swaps (CDS),

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Police Release Bodycam Footage From Shootout At Trump Golf Club

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Local police have released footage of last week's bizarre shooting spree at Trump National Doral Miami, a Trump-owned golf club, where one deranged anti-Trumper likely earned himself a lengthy prison sentence after firing back at police and shooting up the club. Luckily, no club patrons were shot during the incident. 

The bodycam footage shows officers from Doral and from the Miami-Dade Police Department responding to reports of shots fired. As the footage shows, police quickly engaged 42-year-old Johnathan Oddi, who fired back – earning him a charge of attempted second degree murder on a law enforcement officer. Oddi is being held without bond, according to RT.

Oddi reportedly "ranted about the president" during the shooting, which took place at roughly 1:30 am ET. No members of the Trump family were staying at Doral at the time.

Oddi, who was shot in the leg during the gunfight, appeared in court Monday, where he was charged with armed criminal mischief, aggravated assault with a firearm, armed burglary with a firearm, armed burglary with assault and grand theft. One officer might have broken his wrist during the shootout.

After being disarmed, Oddi was taken to Kendall Regional Trauma Center. Once treated, he was transferred to the homicide bureau for interrogation, before being taken to the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center.

Blain: “Some Analysts Are Suggesting The Draghi Put May No Longer Exist”

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Submitted by Bill Blain of Mint Partners

Blain’s Morning Porridge – May 22nd 2018

“Kid you good-a looking, but you don’t know what’s cooking till you Mambo Italiano.….“

Yesterday saw about the least convincing massive upside rally ever – as stocks gapped higher on the open, buoyed by the outbreak of peace in the China/US trade war. Then they range traded through the day on tiny volumes. My chartists on the equity desks are utterly sceptical. There was nothing in yesterday’s action to suggest anything has really changed – and the cold trade war with China remains on. The jury is out on whether Trump just lost this round without landing any significant punches. Ding, ding, seconds out as China comes out swinging, and essentially untouched.

Oil prices collapsed 60% from June 2014 ($100) to Jan 2016 ($41). Since then are up 94% to near $80 this morning – a 4-year high! Go figure what that might mean for global growth?

Not so sure why the dollar stalled y’day. The critical rate to watch is the 10-year Treasury around 3.06% – the rules of financial gravity should mean every spare penny, cent and yen on the planet is being sucked into the only positive real yield in the bond markets, thus pushing the dollar higher as global investors are forced to buy the greenback. Maybe it’s the Trump effect again? Unconventional to see higher rates, rising fiscal policy and a tumbling currency – but it makes a curious kind of sense.

Unlike Italy.

The Italian 10-year bond yield has risen 31% in the last two weeks to 2.37% – that would normally be a sign of imminent disaster. But, maybe it’s an opportunity? Markets always overweight bad political news through a process of negative bias confirmation. Bad news gets headlines, headlines attract readers, readers believe what they read – therefore every single negative thing you read about Italy reinforces the picture and 100% nailed on certainty that Italy is going to hell in the proverbial handbasket.

This morning, the new Government’s “Contract for A Government of Change” is scaring the bejesus out of everyone. Fiscal prudence is out the window – apparently. I’m reading a stack…
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Trump Backs Down: Will Drop ZTE Sanctions If China Agrees To Management Shakeup, Fine

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After China announced early Tuesday that it would slash its auto tariff, more terms of an as-yet-unfinished US-China trade deal are being revealed.

Trade talks between the US and China are set to continue in Washington and Beijing, and a comprehensive deal remains elusive, but in a sign of the US's growing commitment to compromise, the Trump administration has agreed on the "broad outline" of a deal that would save imperiled Chinese telecom giant ZTE Corp., the Wall Street Journal reported.

The news bolstered NXP Semiconductors – whose purchase by Qualcomm now looks virtually assured, allowing hundreds of M&A arbs to finally exhale – which is up 1.8% in the pre-market, while ZTE sanctions benficiaries Ericsson and Nokia are down 2.2% and 0.9%, respectively.

According to the WSJ, the US has promised to remove the ban on US companies selling components to ZTE – which it imposed last month, purportedly because ZTE failed to fire certain employees and cut bonuses according to the terms of a settlement after it was caught selling US goods to Iran. However, this is conditional on a final deal being reached. President Trump has said he's working with the Chinese to put ZTE back in business, because it's widely believed that the company will fail if the sanctions remain; on Friday, Larry Kudlow said the company would need to make changes to its management and board to qualify for US assistance.


Those terms have apparently made it into the deal, and ZTE will be forced to shake up its management and board seats as terms of the deal, while also possibly paying a significant fine. ZTE is the fourth-largest vendor of mobile phones in the US, and before the deal, it was on track to become the first casualty in the US-China trade spat.

It still could be: already, the Trump administration is facing a growing backlash over the perception that it is "backing down" from a fight with China. However, Mnuchin has defended the detente and the administration's decision to work closely with the Chinese.

On Monday, U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin told CNBC that "the intent was not to put the company out

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US Futures Jump Amid Easing China Trade War; Dollar, Italian Yields Slide

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With much of Europe coming back from Whit Monday holiday, the much more liquid market focused on the latest news in the easing US-China trade war and this morning's announcement by Beijing to cut import duties on autos to 15%, with the resulting risk-on mood sending U.S. equity futures back to yesterday’s session highs, while Asian and European stocks were mixed.

It wasn't just China's auto import tariffs however: as the WSJ reports, US and China also reached a broad outline for settling the lingering ZTE issue, in which the export ban could be removed, while the company would have to make board and management changes. Furthermore, other source reports noted that the side were nearing an agreement that would remove a ban on ZTE and would include China pledge to remove tariffs on, as well as increase imports of US agricultural products.

Yet despite the good trade news, broader European stocks were mixed, and turned modestly negative, driven by declines in the health care sector and utilities after both were downgraded by Deutsche Bank, pushing the Stoxx Europe 600 Index down 0.1% to session low, erasing earlier gains with 11 of 19 industry groups declining. Earlier, Deutsche Bank downgraded Europe's energy sector on risks in oil price development in coming months, and also cut utility stocks as further upside to sector’s price relative implied by PMI forecast only marginal. Meanwhile, the European bank sector outperformed as the bund/BTP spread snapped 11bps tighter (see below), while European automakers gapped higher on China's tariff cut.

Earlier, Asian stocks traded mostly subdued amid holiday closures and a lack of fresh catalysts, which saw sentiment wane from the prior day’s trade-related gains that boosted the DJIA above the 25k level for the first time since March. Australia's ASX 200 weakened -0.7% amid broad losses across all sectors and with telecoms underperforming on continued woes for Telstra shares, while Healthscope was the worst performer after it flagged impairment charges. Nikkei 225 -0.2% traded indecisive as exporters suffered from a firmer currency and with Sony shares pressured after its 3-year strategy and targets was met with disappointment, while the unchanged Shanghai Composite was subdued following a…
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China Unexpectedly Slashes Auto Tariffs After Trump Trade Truce

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In an unexpected, but notable, victory for President Trump's aggressive trade agenda and exporters of cars around the globe, China's Ministry of Finance announced Tuesday morning that it would slash passenger car duties to 15%, further opening up the market that’s been a key target of the U.S. in its trade fight with Beijing. This comes less than a month after China decided to ease restrictions on foreign competition in its auto sector and also address some of the US's concerns about intellectual property theft.

The reduction follows a truce that Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin announced during a Sunday appearance on "Fox News Sunday". In response, the US has continued to reverse its policy of pressuring telecom giant ZTE, with Trump taking steps to rescue it.

“This is, without a doubt, positive news,” said Juergen Pieper, Frankfurt-based head of automobiles research at Bankhaus Metzler who spoke with Bloomberg.

Investors would agree, with European auto stocks gapping higher on the news.

But while the administration will no doubt rush to claim this as a victory, nobody expects the tariff cuts to be a gesture of good faith on China's part: The US is now also expected to make a concession, perhaps in addition to reducing pressure on ZTE. Though for Trump, caving on ZTE is still a pretty big deal, even as the administration has been adamant about framing it as a national security issue and not a trade issue.

"You can’t completely disregard the fact that there are certain imbalances in China’s favor. This could be a signal that if one side is making concessions, it could lead to the Americans easing some of their pressure as well.”

Meanwhile, according to Bloomberg, the import duty on car parts will fall to 6%, from 25%. But Bloomberg warns that the cuts are largely symbolic, since they will only impact about 4.2% of car sales – at least for now (about 29 million cars were sold in China last year, and as tariffs fall, foreign car buying could become more commonplace).

China's President Xi Jinping and his Vice Premier Liu He…
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Trader: “Turkey’s Goose Is Almost Cooked”

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Yesterday, Bloomberg macro commentator and former Lehman trader Mark Cudmore delivered an unpleasant dose of reality for those ostriches whose heads were still stuck in Italy's sand, warning that "Italy Is On The Verge Of Inducing Fresh European Crisis." Today, Cudmore takes that other, well-known "sick man of Europe", Turkey, and not in typical fashion, he refuses to mince his words, warning that "Italy's goose is almost cooked" noting that while the country's central bank may be forced to hike rates before its next scheduled meeting in two weeks, "Turkey is in the midst of a true currency crisis and is losing the luxury of choice" as the "lira is capitulating, helping inflation soar and rapidly worsening Turkey’s external debt situation."

Indeed, one look at Turkey's 10Y yield or lira shows that both hit records just yesterday…

… suggesting this time the Turkish doomsayers may just be right, especially with Erdogan threatening any central bankers who dares to raise rates…

Cudmore's full note is below.

Market Dynamics Suggest Turkey’s Goose Almost Cooked: Macro View

Turkey’s next scheduled monetary policy meeting is a little over two weeks away. Market dynamics suggest the central bank will be forced to hike rates aggressively before then.

President Erdogan believes in lower interest rates and continues to verbally restrain the central bank from tightening policy. There’s also concern that an emergency action would convey such a sense of panic that it may do more harm than good

There’s plenty of precedent: Turkey conducted emergency rate hikes within days of scheduled policy meetings in 2006 and 2014 -- and it should be emphasized that Erdogan was also the political leader on both those occasions.

Unfortunately, Turkey is in the midst of a true currency crisis and is losing the luxury of choice. The lira is capitulating, helping inflation soar and rapidly worsening Turkey’s external debt situation. Its net international investment position was a deficit of $468.7 billion as of the end of February.

The lira has already fallen more than 10% this month versus the euro-dollar basket. Brent crude is up 19% this month in lira terms. As a major energy importer,

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7 Reasons Why European Banks Are In Trouble

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Authored by Philipp Bagus via The Mises Institute,

While the euro crisis seems far away as all Eurozone countries ran government deficits below 3 percent of GDP, there is one problem for the euro that quietly keeps growing: the unresolved banking crisis. And this is not a small problem.

The Eurosystems´and euro banks´ balance sheets totaled €30 trillion in January 2018, that is about 291 percent of GDP.

European banks are in trouble for several reasons.

First, banking regulation has become tighter after the financial crisis. As a consequence regulatory and compliance costs have rise substantially. Today banks have to fulfill demands by national authorities, the European Banking Authority, the Single Supervisory Mechanism, the European Securities and Markets Authority and the national central banks. Being at a staggering 4% of total revenue currently, compliance costs are expected to rise to 10% of total revenue until 2022.

Second, there are risks hidden in banks´ balance sheets. That there is something fishy in European banks´assets can quickly be detected when comparing banks market capitalization with their book value. Most European banks have price-to-book ratios below 1. German Commerzbank´s price-to-book ratio stands at 0.49, Deutsche Bank´s is at 0.36, Italian UniCredit´s at 0.23, Greek Piraeus Bank at 0.14, and Greek Alpha Bank at 0.34.

With a price-to-book ratio below 1, buying a bank at the current prices and liquidating its assets at book value, an investor could make profits. Why are investors not doing that? Simply, because they do not believe in the book value of the banks´assets. Assets are too optimistically valued in the eyes of market participants. Considering that the equity ratio (equity divided by balance sheet total) of the Euro banking sector is at only 8.3%, a down valuation of assets could quickly evaporate equity.

Third, low interest rates have contributed to increasing asset prices. Stocks and bond prices have increased due to the monetary policy of the ECB, thereby leading to accounting profits for banks. Monetary policy has, thereby, artificially propped up banking profits during the last years.

Fourth, according to the ECB non-performing loans (NPLs), i.e. loans where borrowers have fallen behind in their payments, amount to €759 bn., that is 30% of the banks´ equity.

Fifth, more trouble for banks lies ahead. Due to artificially low interest rates, insolvency rates have fallen. In Germany in 2003, 39,470…
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“It’s Ridiculous” – Parents Furious As Australia Seeks To Ban Use Of “Boy” Or “Girl” In Books

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"For goodness sake, this is social engineering gone crazy

Leave kids alone to be kids. Stop trying to destroy kids’ childhoods…"

That is an example of the furious reaction from parents in Victoria, Australia where the local city council has announced plans to audit children’s books and toys with a plan to ban them from kindergartens, schools and libraries if they don’t meet strict gender guidelines.

The Herald Sun reports that the local government's justice warriors were inspired by research from the Australian National University that showed children were influenced by gender stereotyping, and urged a ban on the terms 'boy' and 'girl'.

The research suggests educators should “minimise the extent to which gender is labelled” and avoid telling children what girls and boys should do.

Parents reacted angrily to the story on social media…

This needs to stop. I’ve got a two-year-old daughter (yes I picked her gender based on what genitals she was born with) and she plays with cars, trains, tractors, Barbies, dolls and uses her imagination and pretends she’s cooking food or being a doctor…

Let’s just let kids be kids.

Billie Deborah Chin wrote:

Banning the availability of anything, or taking choice away, is definitely the wrong way to go about making classrooms gender neutral. It should be about making everything available to everyone.”

We leave it to Ron Wilson from Smooth FM, who told Sunrise “it’s about inclusion, not exclusion” but that it’s important “boys are boys and girls are girls”.

“I wouldn’t be banning things, but I would be including more things for everybody to be involved in. When you’ve got kids, you suddenly realise that boys are boys and girls are girls and viva la difference. I don’t want to see androgyny out there.

“I don’t want to see our children just being children. The fact (is) they are boys and girls and they are different and there’s no question about that. We should celebrate that...

I think we need respect. We don’t need social engineering.

Following the uproar generated by the report, Melbourne City Council very quickly responded

"Our libraries aim to promote diversity, not censor books," adding that "none of the books mentioned in media reports have been banned. The books mentioned are in stock at City Library."

So Winnie The Pooh and Thomas The Tank Engine are safe…for now.


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AI slaves: the questionable desire shaping our idea of technological progress


AI slaves: the questionable desire shaping our idea of technological progress

Charles Taylor/

Courtesy of Beth Singler, University of Cambridge

From high impact Hollywood dystopic accounts such as the infamous Terminator films to public responses to the story of a burger flipping robot being “fired”, the stories we tell ourselves about AI are important. These narratives have an impact on our conception and development of the technology, as well as expressing elements of our unconscious understanding of AI. Recognising the shaping effect of stories – whether fic...

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JCPenney Crashes After CEO Unexpectedly Quits To Join Lowe's

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In the great race between JCPenney and Sears of which retailer will be the world's slowest melting icecube, and who will file Chapter 11 (or 7) first, today the former took a decisive lead when JC Penney’s CEO Marvin Ellison unexpectedly announced he is leaving the near-insolvent department store operator to join home improvement retailer Lowe’s.

The shocking announcement came less than 3 years after Ellison took the top job at JC Penney, following an activist attempt by Bill Ackman to "fix" JCPenney ended in disaster.

The ...

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Narrow Trading Ranges Set Up New Breakout Opportunities

Courtesy of Declan.

The past few days have seen markets shape narrow mini-trading ranges, each following breakouts from larger consolidations. Large Caps show this best

The S&P cleared a dual 4-month and 6-week consolidation before shaping the past 8-day 'flag'. Look for a break of 2,740 and a push to challenge the next swing high at 2,800 - although a test of this should be enough to go on and challenge all-time highs.

The Dow Jones Index could be considered to have broken from its mini-consolidation. Volume was...

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Could this be the year for a Canadian Breakthrough Prize in Life Sciences?

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Could this be the year for a Canadian Breakthrough Prize in Life Sciences?

Courtesy of John Bergeron, McGill University

In 2013, Kyoto University’s Shinya Yamanaka was awarded one of the first Breakthrough Prizes in Life Sciences for his discovery of “induced” stem cells that enabled researchers to convert adult cells back into stem cells.

The Breakthrough Prize is not to be sneezed at. Founded in 2013, the prize “honours transformative advances toward understanding living systems and extending human life.” It’s also the most financially attractive aw...

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8 Stocks Moving In Monday's After-Hours Session

Courtesy of Benzinga.

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5 Factors That Drive Bitcoin's Ups & Downs

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By Kayla Matthews via

The price of Bitcoin has been wildly volatile. From November to December 2017, it increased by 223 percent. It fell by 59 percent between January and February 2018, increased by 64 percent from February to March and then dropped again during March by 40 percent.

While this isn&r...

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Buffett At His Best

By csinvesting. Originally published at ValueWalk.

Bear with me as I share a bit of my history that helped me create SkyVu and the Battle Bears games. The University of Nebraska gave me my first job after college. I mostly pushed TV carts around, edited videos for professors or the occasional speaker event. One day, Warren Buffet came to campus to speak to the College of Business. I didn’t think much of this speech at the time but I saved it for some reason. 15 years later, as a founder of my own company, I watch and listen to this particular speech every year to remind myself of the fundamentals and values Mr. Buffett looks for. He’s addressing business students at his alma mater, so I think his style here is a bit more ‘close to home’ than in his other speeches. Hopefully many of you find great value in this video like I have. Sorry for the VHS...

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The Stock Bull Market Stops Here!


The Stock Bull Market Stops Here!

Courtesy of Kimble Charting


The definition of a bull market or bull trends widely vary. One of the more common criteria for bull markets is determined by the asset being above or below its 200 day moving average.

In my humble opinion, each index above remains in a bull trend, as triple support (200-day moving averages, 2-year rising support lines, and February lows) are still in play ...

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Cambridge Analytica and the 2016 Election: What you need to know (updated)


"If you want to fundamentally reshape society, you first have to break it." ~ Christopher Wylie

[Interview: Cambridge Analytica whistleblower: 'We spent $1m harvesting millions of Facebook profiles' – video]

"You’ve probably heard by now that Cambridge Analytica, which is backed by the borderline-psychotic Mercer family and was formerly chaired by Steve Bannon, had a decisive role in manipulating voters on a one-by-one basis – using their own personal data to push them toward voting ...

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Mapping The Market

The tricks propagandists use to beat science

Via Jean-Luc

How propagandist beat science – they did it for the tobacco industry and now it's in favor of the energy companies:

The tricks propagandists use to beat science

The original tobacco strategy involved several lines of attack. One of these was to fund research that supported the industry and then publish only the results that fit the required narrative. “For instance, in 1954 the TIRC distributed a pamphlet entitled ‘A Scientific Perspective on the Cigarette Controversy’ to nearly 200,000 doctors, journalists, and policy-makers, in which they emphasized favorable research and questioned results supporting the contrary view,” say Weatherall and co, who call this approach biased production.

A second approach promoted independent research that happened to support ...

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Swing trading portfolio - week of September 11th, 2017

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This post is for all our live virtual trade ideas and daily comments. Please click on "comments" below to follow our live discussion. All of our current  trades are listed in the spreadsheet below, with entry price (1/2 in and All in), and exit prices (1/3 out, 2/3 out, and All out).

We also indicate our stop, which is most of the time the "5 day moving average". All trades, unless indicated, are front-month ATM options. 

Please feel free to participate in the discussion and ask any questions you might have about this virtual portfolio, by clicking on the "comments" link right below.

To learn more about the swing trading virtual portfolio (strategy, performance, FAQ, etc.), please click here ...

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NewsWare: Watch Today's Webinar!


We have a great guest at today's webinar!

Bill Olsen from NewsWare will be giving us a fun and lively demonstration of the advantages that real-time news provides. NewsWare is a market intelligence tool for news. In today's data driven markets, it is truly beneficial to have a tool that delivers access to the professional sources where you can obtain the facts in real time.

Join our webinar, free, it's open to all. 

Just click here at 1 pm est and join in!

[For more information on NewsWare, click here. For a list of prices: NewsWar...

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Mid-Day Update

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