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I’m liking Goldcorp (GG) for no other reason than their p/e is 30% less than a lot of their competitiors.

Prudential downgraded them on the 10th but they closed right on their 50 dma and are, as of yesterday, right back @ $20.48, a little better than before those geniuses cost their flock 10%.

This company made more money in the second quarter than they did all of last year! Last year they were at $14 but, if you act now, this little beauty can be yours for just $20.48!

For a $20 stock this thing has some real expensive options. At $.30 for the December $22.50 (a $2.30 premium!) I would say the move it to buy the April $17.50s for $3.90 (a $1 premium) and work it off by selling the shorter, out of money calls.

This is a nice play because you will get plenty of warning before the stock turns down as it tracks gold pretty closely.

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