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Bill Black On Foreclosuregate

Bill Black On Foreclosuregate: Calls For The Immediate Termination Of Bernanke, Geithner And Holder

Courtesy of Tyler Durden

Bill Black, who will soon, together with Neil Barofsky, be a guaranteed shoe-in for the POTUS/VP position (both as independents, of course), was on the Ratigan show today, following on his op-ed from last week (here and here) calling  for the long-overdue nationalization of Bank of America, and discussing the rampant fraud at the heart of mortgage gate. And contrary to ongoing lowball estimates from the like of JPM and Goldman, Black provides numbers about the bank liability that are simply stunning: "Credit Suisse says that by 2006 49% of all mortgage originations were liars loans. When independent folks study fraud, it is in the 80-90% fraud range. That means there were millions of acts of fraud. Those loan frauds occurred because the banks created incentive structure for the loan brokers to bring them the absolute worst of the worst loans, and to lie on the application forms… These frauds came from the banks, and they propagated through the system through a series of echo epidemics…This fraud spread through the system and that’s why we have a crisis in foreclosures. This stems from the underlying fraud by the lenders in mortgage loans to the tune of well over a million cases a year by 2005."

Furthermore, Black points out the glaringly obvious, that the Fed should not be in charge of any investigation into mortgage fraud, due to its "massive" conflict of interest, to the tune of $1.5 trillion in MBS/agencies held on the Fed’s books, which would be immediately null and voided if rampant MBS fraud is indeed uncovered. Which is precisely why the entitlement of the Fed as supreme regulator (as inspired by the financial generosity of the Wall Street lobby) as part of Frank-Dodd was the one single most destructive decision ever made, and equivalent in many ways with electing America’s very own tyrannical despot, whose only interest is making the multi billionaires, into trillionaires, and leaving everyone else in the cold through the eliminating of the savings class and the destruction of the reserve currency.

And it goes much further… to the very top of the US ruling oligarchy in fact. Which is why, as we have claimed from day one, nothing less than a complete reset of the entire kleptocratic system can give any hope for a fresh start. The general public is starting to finally realize this, unfortunately with the dawning realization comes anger, and with anger comes aggression. And from there, broad civil "discontent" is merely a thin white line away. Which is why, we again reiterate our belief, now that America has completely missed its chance for a peaceful resolution, that the reset will have to go first and foremost through the Fed, whose end however will be precipitated by nothing less than an all out social upheaval. We agree with Black’s conclusion: "fire Holder, fire Geithner, fire Bernanke, get people in who will enforce the rule of law."

Alas, it is too late. America has proven it has failed as a society in which checks and balances work when Wall Street dangles billion dollar bribes to corrupt and greedy individuals. And just like the market is stretched so far that it is always seconds away from a flash crash, so the entire US society is now mimicking our stock market, and the possibility for an all out social flash crash is no longer trivial.

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