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Breaking News And Best Of The Web

Courtesy of John Rubino.

Stocks correct. Britain’s economy is shrinking, China’s debt is soaring, Japan’s trade is plunging. Gold corrects; several analysts see a top here. Oil falls hard. Several more terrorist attacks. Trump makes long, dark acceptance speech, very well-received by Republicans. Clinton picks Tim Kaine for VP. Wikileaks sends DNC into turmoil.

Best Of The Web

How to profit form these massive, Brexit-induced trends – Casey Research

5 reasons why Trump will win – Michael Moore

An upside down world – Financial Sense

IceCap asks what happens hwen the bond bubble finally pops – Zero Hedge

It’s all connected – Globe And Mail

The central planning virus mutates – Acting Man

Cycle of insurgency: cops are being targeted, what’s next? – The Fifth Column

The real reason pharma companies hate medical marijuana – Liberty Blizkrieg

The world is taking its revenge against elites – Guardian

This ‘market’ discounts nothing except monetary cocaine – David Stockman

Something big happened in the gold market – SRSrocco Report

Put your hope in radical decentralization – Mises Institute

From the levellers to the leavers: a history of revolt – Prospect


Breaking News

The Economy

7/25    Japan’s exports decline again in June, for ninth straight month – Bloomberg

7/25    Oil falls to two-month low as US drilling climbs amid surplus – Bloomberg

7/25    Deutsche Bank set for investor scrutiny as short sellers circle – Bloomberg

7/25    Oil bulls headed over demand cliff as refinery shutdowns loom – Bloomberg

7/25    Debt rattle – Automatic Earth

7/25    China’s growth sucks in more debt bucks for less bang – Reuters

7/25    Oil bulls headed over demand cliff as refinery shutdowns loom – Bloomberg

7/25    G20 will use ‘all policy tools’ to lift growth as Brexit weighs – Reuters

7/25    Denial of the obvious, praise for lies – Mish

7/25    Debt rattle – Automatic Earth

7/25    Making the wrong choices for the wrong reasons – Peak Prosperity

7/25    Policy changes driving China’s debt problem – South China Morning Post

7/25    Italy has ‘no banking problem’: finance minister – China Post

7/24    Chinese companies are turning Japanese – Bloomberg

7/24    Britain’s economy shrinking at fastest rate since 2009 – Guardian

7/24    Inequality: the nexus of wealth and debt – Open Democracy

7/24    Positive feedback loop with very negative implications – Mish

Precious Metals

7/25    Gold in bull market – “Every reason for it to continue” – GoldCore

7/25    Rising prices fail to induce Indians to sell their gold – GATA

7/25    EU considers migration ‘emergency brake’ for UK for up to 7 years – Guardian

7/25    China mines gold uneconomically because it plans to boost the price – GATA

7/25    Gold: the ultimate insurance policy – Seeking Alpha

7/25    Silver manipulation – because they needed the eggs – Silver Coin Investor

7/25    In a world of “helicopter” money, gold wins – Live Trading News

7/25    Will the gold bull market resume after the summer correction? – ValueWalk

7/24    Silver is paving its own path – Seeking Alpha

7/24    Debt addiction will carry PMs higher, guaranteed – Edge Trader Plus

7/24    Donald Trump loves gold and don’t you forget – Bloomberg

7/24    Physicists combine gold with titanium and quadruple its strength – Futurism

7/24    7 signs that the gold market remains resilient – Seeking Alpha

7/24    ‘Gloom, Boom & Doom’ economist pushes for gold – Chicago Tribune

7/24    Goldminer Acacia puts in sparkling performance – Sunday Times

7/24    Why miners are closely following the trend in gold – Market Realist

7/24    Bull of the day: Sibanye Gold – Yahoo!

7/24    Why buying gold is still a big gamble – The Week

7/24    Underpriced silver is the ‘Rip Van Winkle’ metal – Seeking Alpha

7/23    Gold miners justify surging shares as better results roll in – Bloomberg

7/23    Gold correction: key technical highlights – 321Gold

7/23    These gold miners could break into ASX’s top 100 – Forbes

Inflation, Deflation, Currency War, Cryptocurrencies

7/25    Chinese devaluation is closer than anyone thinks – Zero Hedge

7/25    Kuroda says BOJ will ease policy again if necessary – Japan Today

7/25    Celebrating 45 years of phony money – Bonner & Partners

7/25    China slaps tariffs on EU steel as trade war intensifies – Breitbart

7/24    Dollar hits four-month high – Reuters

7/24    Ethereum shoots up as bitcoin drops below 80% market dominance – Coin Telegraph

7/24    Bitcoin becomes the new hot commodity for large investors – NewsBTC

7/23    Who buys bonds with a negative interest rate? – NPR

7/23    Why ethereum succeeded where bitcoin failed – Fightland

7/23    Texan gets 1.5 years in prison for running bitcoin Ponzi scheme – Reuters

Real Estate Bubble

7/25    Foreign buyers inflate global residential real estate bubbles – Zero Hedge

7/23    Global real estate market – Bert Dohmen

7/22    Denmark faces ‘out of control’ housing market – Bloomberg

7/21    Low mortgage rates help boost US home resales to 9-year high – CNBC

7/21    House bubble warning will ‘shake Government’ – NZ Herald

7/20    Bank earnings: Wall Street is running out of jobs to cut – CNBC

DollarCollapse Podcasts

7/21    It’s not the event but the response to the event that matters

7/01    Brexit was just the beginning

6/25    The deeper meaning of Brexit

6/08    Gold Will Soar, Marijuana Will Be Legal

5/23    Hard times for obsolete entities

5/14    Chaos spreads to US retailers and Italian banks

5/04    Easy money has failed; what’s next?

4/27    Okay, I’ll say it: run for the hills

4/21    Corporate earnings (among other things) go from bad to horrendous

4/13    A potentially brutal earnings season kicks off


7/25    WikiLeaks hits DNC ahead of convention, competes with Kaine VP nomination – CNBC

7/25    WikiLeaks trove plunges Democrats into crisis on eve of Convention – SMH

7/25    Wasserman Schultz resigning, faces grilling from Sanders supporters – CNN

7/25    Wall Street and the corporate sector vs the populists – Naked Capitalism

7/25    Hungary’s Prime Minister praises Trump – Mish

7/25    Michael Bloomberg to endorse Clinton at democratic convention – Bloomberg

7/25    French should expose gov, not Islam, over neo-Gladio provocations – Daily Bell

7/25    Warren rips Trump after he suggests she was desperate for VP slot – Huffington Post

7/25    Donald Trump reminds me of Vladimir Putin – Kyiv Post

7/24    DNC Chair Wasserman Schultz resigns following Wikileaks revelations – Zero Hedge

7/24    Released emails suggest the DNC derided the Sanders campaign – NY Times

7/24    Sanders campaign chief: Someone must be ‘accountable’ for DNC emails – ABC News

7/24    Three reasons why Hillary Clinton chose Tim Kaine – New Yorker

Offshore Investing

7/20    Costa Rica: Central America’s hidden gem – Sovereign Investor

7/08    Time to adjust your wealth plan – Mountain Vision

7/08    We pulled the ripcord on daily life and moved to Costa Rica – International Living

7/02    America’s offshore tax cheats are feeling the heat once again – Bloomberg

Clean Tech

7/25    CA wastes tons of wind, solar power for lack of energy storage – Daily Caller

7/23    Tesla’s Musk sees electric truck & bus, defends Solar City deal – Investors

7/23    China’s monthly PV grid connection in June estimated to exceed 10GW – Energy Trend

7/21    Solar photovoltaic arrives as a mainstream technology – Market Watch

7/21    SunEdison taking steps to sell its stake in TerraForm Global – Bloomberg

7/21    Cox: Iron Man Musk wages war on too many fronts – Reuters

7/21    US has potential for more than a billion tons of biomass annually – Kurzweil

7/21    Molten salt a boost for solar power generation – Engineers Australia

7/21    Musk sees Tesla’s future: Trucks, transit and solar in a push to sustainability – CNBC

Art of the Collapse

7/25    Trump’s acceptance speech – Digg

7/17    Obama’s 11-point response to the French tragedy – Zero Hedge

7/13    Artist’s impression of Hillary’s inauguration – Zero Hedge

7/03    Debunking Utopia – Future of Freedom Foundation

6/21    Explore bank bailouts, Cyprus anonymous, and more – Pinterest

War, Civil Unrest, Privacy, Creeping Fascism, Police State

7/25    Shooting after Florida nightclub’s teen party leaves two dead – Reuters

7/25    Syrian asylum seeker kills himself and injures 12 in Germany – Guardian

7/25    China bans internet news reporting as media crackdown widens – Bloomberg

7/24    Merkel vows to protect Germans as terrorism ruled out in Munich – Bloomberg

7/24    Islamic State claims responsibility for Kabul blasts that kill at least 80 – Market Watch

7/24    Nearly 3,000 dead in Mediterranean already this year, says IOM – Ekathimerini

7/24    The real story behind the Turkish Coup – Ron Paul Institute

7/24    France escalates – sends aircraft carrier to fight ISIS – Zero Hedge

Self-sufficiency, Food Security, Survival

7/24    Hospital beds & massage tables with biomats – Dr Sircus

7/23    These powders are powerful – Bloomberg

7/17    Sticking germy fingers in mouth may give upper hand on health – ARS Technica

7/17    Paying farmers to go organic, even before the crops come in – NY Times

7/17    Obama expected to sign industry-backed GMO label bill into law – Automatic Earth

7/15    U.S. GMO food labeling bill passes Senate – Reuters

7/15    The prepper’s plan – down the rabbit hole – Survival Sullivan

CyberWar, CyberTerrorism, CyberCrime

7/23    Trump doesn’t understand cyberwar – Atlantic

7/22    Experts: GOP cyber platform “detrimental to global stabiltiy” – Fed Scoop

7/14    China hacked the FDIC – and US officials covered it up, report says – CNN Money

7/12    NATO: ‘New realities’ make internet a potential front line in conflict – ZD Net

7/12    As global feuds arise, expect increased cyberwar, says NATO analyst – Mother Board

7/09    Crooks are winning the ‘cyber arms race’, admit cops – ZD Net

Off-Topic But Brilliant/Challenging/Infuriating

7/25    Woman dead after she leaves car and gets eaten by tiger – Telegraph

7/24    Self-driving shuttle starts operation in Lyon France in September – Mish

7/23    A brief history of Marijuana legalization – Marijuana

7/23    Fighting the most dangerous animal in the world – Spiegel

7/21    Musk sees Tesla’s future: Trucks, transit and solar in a push to sustainability – CNBC

7/21    ‘Millennial dorms’: A new kind of group living for urbanites – CNBC

7/21    This year’s record arctic melt is a problem for everybody – Gizmodo

7/19    Here’s why there are no ‘good’ or ‘bad’ drugs – not even heroin – Guardian

7/19    Kim Kardashian West’s feud with Taylor Swift just went nuclear – Vanity Fair

7/18    Artificial intelligenc swarms Silicon Valley on wings and wheels – NYT

7/18    Anthony Weiner’s tormented communications director relives her horror – Vanity Fair

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