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Day of Last Dances

News today has been relentlessly terrible. A horrific mass murder happened last night in Las Vegas. (Our politician's abject failure to address gun control is beyond sickening.) And today, reports that Tom Petty died of a heart attack, followed by reports that Tom Petty is not dead, and now reports confirming that Tom Petty has passed away. 

Tom Petty, Staple of Rock Radio With the Heartbreakers, Dies at 66

Tom Petty, a songwriter who melded California rock with a deep, stubborn Southern heritage, died on Monday after suffering cardiac arrest. He was 66 and had lived in Los Angeles.

Tony Dimitriades, Mr. Petty’s longtime manager, confirmed the death.

Recording with the Heartbreakers, the band he formed in the mid-1970s, and on his own, Mr. Petty wrote pithy, hardheaded songs that gave a contemporary clarity to 1960s roots. His voice was grainy and unpretty, with a Florida drawl that he proudly displayed.

Mr. Petty’s songs were staples of FM rock radio through decades, and with hits like “Refugee,” “Don’t Come Around Here No More,” “Free Fallin’” and “Into the Great Wide Open,” Mr. Petty sold millions of albums and headlined arenas and festivals well into 2017. He played the Super Bowl halftime show in 2008 and entered the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2002. But his songs stayed down-to-earth, with sturdy guitar riffs carrying lyrics that spoke for underdogs and ornery outcasts. In his 1989 hit, “I Won’t Back Down,” he sang, “You can stand me up at the gates of hell / But I won’t back down.” More > 

Earlier today, confusion,

CBS Erroneously Reports Tom Petty’s Death, Setting Off an Outpouring

The news ricocheted around the web immediately: CBS News was reporting that Tom Petty was dead.

It kicked off widespread reaction and remembrances on Monday, with star singers like John Mayer, Shania Twain and Jon Bon Jovi all paying tribute to Mr. Petty on Twitter.

It soon emerged, however, that the news was premature.

When CBS reported Mr. Petty’s death on Twitter, preceded by a capitalized banner “JUST IN,” the network attributed the news to the Los Angeles Police Department. In an article published online, there was no mention of the L.A.P.D., merely the phrase “CBS News has confirmed.” (CBS later deleted the tweet.)  More >

We'll miss you, Tom Petty.

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  1. Its always interesting to see how musicians impact the growing up of a person as we can all relate to a space in time of our lives based upon a song. In 1980 Damn the Torpedoes was a favorite album and as a young freshman in college I can remember the song Even the Losers and the words so eloquently describing how I still had a chance since at many times I considered myself a Loser….only because I was living in the past and could not see the future…but the verse that changed my way of thinking, "Two cars parked on the overpass/ Rocks hit the water like broken glass/ Man I should have known it was too good to last/ God it's such a drag when you're living in the past." RIP Mr. Petty…cause since that time I am still Free Falling…

  2. Hi Boot,

    That's true for me too. I'd play songs over and over again, almost getting addicted for a while, when I really like something. So the songs become attached to what is happening in my life. Many of Petty's songs in 80s were like that for me. We are all free falling. 


  3. a blast from the past….   brings back many memories from my high shcool days.  

    News today has been relentlessly terrible -  I concur!!!  The news and the way it is being reported is changing the American culture.  So sad!  Feel blessed and thankful to have the opportunity to leave America for a couple years to study Options/Futures trading. If I can figure out Options with the help of the PSW crew, maybe stay out of America for a lifetime! ????  

  4. Hi Joseph, You left the US to study options, or happen to be studying options, outside the US – where did you end up?

  5. HI ilene, I left the USA to study options.  Wanted less distractions and a lower cost of living to provide myself the best foundation to learn how to be the house.  This new journey starts in Thailand.  It has a very low cost of living, easy VISA requirements, excellent healthcare at a super low cost and, I eat for about a dollar a meal.  Of course, if I want western foods, it triples in cost.  ????  

  6. Hi Joseph,

    Wow, that sounds so adventurous! If you like Thai food … perfect, right?  

  7. Good Evening ilene, 

    Yes, I feel blessed to have this opportunity.  And, I am learning Thai food is very spicy. ????

    Also, it is a very humbling experience.  

  8. I'd have to stick with rice or pay up for western bland stuff. What's humbling about your experience? 

  9. Every dish comes with rice. ????  I treat myself weekly to the western bland stuff, but the beef taste much different here.  Wish I was a seafood fan.   


    Humbling Experience – At 46, I discovered, I had everything I needed and chasing the dollar and so called American Dream was not so great after all.  So, I left corporate America, sold my business, and everything I owned 4 years ago.  Bought a small commercial building for an income and said "F" it, I am retiring.  Some would say a mid-life crisis, I say.. I am wired different than most.  

    Unsure of the road ahead, I bought an RV (new home) and took off around the USA for 2 years, chatting it up with mostly retired travelers, who all seemed to encourage me to stay retired, as that was there one regret.  Sold the RV, bought a tiny condo on the Ocean last year, worked to reduce my expenses to less than 2K a month, realized 70% of those expenses were related to insurance (car, condo, health, etc). Discovered most of new neighbors were on some sort of government assistance, all were unhappy, and no desire to live life. I tried coaching, mentoring, but quickly realized they didn't want the help.  I truly felt this lifestyle change was a humbling experience, but after traveling through Asia, I realized, those in the US, even the poor live a good life and the rest live a really good life. They have more than enough money, everything they need plus all they want.  But, yet… they are miserable.  How can this be? I was living on less than they were, yet, I found that i was less stressed, much healthier 4 years later, and doing things that I loved to do.  


    Hence, my desire to leave the USA!!  When I arrived in Asia, I visited several undeveloped nations where people are TRULY poor and starving, children are dying, no medical facilities, schools, human trafficking, etc.  And, in seeing the suffering of others you realize how lucky you are in the life that you have and how things are for others.  Yet, these people are the most friendly, positive, happy, and giving humans that I have ever met.  It is a humbling experience to see people being so positive about life, and appreciating the things they do have, when they have so little.  And, family means something in this culture, whereas, in America, I was witnessing its slow demise daily.  


    Anyway, the entire experience has changed my life!!  I was ready to fully retire in Asia, then, like some divine intervention, I run across a random stranger, who ends up introducing me to PSW.  What are the odds that I would find something that fits into my wheelhouse, and something I truly enjoy doing?  So, I will attempt to build-out a couple portfolios to hopefully fund some schools and medical treatment facilities for the people of this country, as I don't need the money that I have.  And, that isn't very much to being with.  ????  

  10. ilene, – FYI, updated my profile and created an introduction on PSW.  Name change from: joseph to: grasshopper67 for PSW and all things investing related (seeking alpha, etc).  Lots to learn, feel like a minnow in a very big ocean.   

  11. Hi Joseph/GrassHopper, 

    Wow! Your story is fascinating, thanks for the explanation. What a big change!! 

    I love what you're doing in Thailand and hope we can help you be successful. Do you have an intro somewhere I don't know about, or is this your intro here?  May I share what you wrote? (Do you have some pictures of where you are living now?)

    Thanks again,


    p.s. I don't like seafood either. I do like non-spicy Thai food, probably the American version. 

  12. Good Evening ilene, 

    To clarify, I have zero, zilch, nada knowledge on investing at this point.  Outside my short membership here, which has been terrific!!  So, a long road ahead, but at my age, I feel the runway is a good 15/20yrs plus.  If I can learn enough from Phil and his crew, before he retires in the next 5 years, I will have established a solid foundation for my portfolio.  At this point, it is a back of a cocktail napkin pipe dream. ????

    During the next couple years, it will be all study and establishing relationships to help support this goal of giving back.  While the goal is lofty and fuzzy at the moment, it will keep my analytical mind challenged and provide a most rewarding and soul satisfying experience.  Plus, I need something to do, no kids, Dad getting older, and I am pretty sure you can't put a luggage rack on a hearse. ????  For sure, worth the effort and once I get the portfolios humming along, I am optimistic about using FundMe and leveraging a few other ideas to further boost a revenue stream for those truly in need.  

    I created a User Profile over at Seeking Alpha.  I think that link will take you there.  If not, I also copy/pasted it in the introductions page at PSW.  Doesn't look like that page is used much, but all the same.  I didn't share the above in my profile, not that I mind, but most won't care.  

    P.S. I thought that I loved spicy food until I started eating over here.  It is hotter than any spicy food I've ever tasted and I have learned a few new Thai words "NIT NOIT PED" which means "little bit spicy".  I live in a very tiny space 26sq meters! Smaller than my RV and Condo in the states.  I am looking to move south of BKK, and closer to the water and away from this big city, but internet is a requirement.  Will look to establish a instagram account after I settle into a place of my own.  Good Times and thanks for asking, ilene!  Again, humbled and excited about the opportunity that lies ahead.  

  13. Thank you GrassHopper,

    What a great story, you're certainly on a different journey than most of us have been taking!  Please let me know if we can help you with the learning process. And be careful with that food! It sounds almost painful. :-)