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28 best press release distribution services in 2020

By Anna Peel. Originally published at ValueWalk.

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Are you a busy brick-and-mortar shop or a small business owner launching an exclusive line? A press release distribution service is your best friend. These services allow you to publish and send out your releases to the relevant news and media sites , without doing manual work yourself.

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Also, by allowing the professionals to distribute a targeted story can have a significant impact on your bottom line. Why? Because syndicating PRs can help you get comprehensive coverage on the famous publications and boost your brand authority immediately.

Therefore, we have covered the best press release distribution services that will gladly do their job and offer a boost to your business.

Why is PR Distribution Crucial for Businesses?

As a startup company, it’s crucial to build the right image. However, to do that, you need to have media coverage for your brand. The best press release distribution services are essential for increasing brand awareness and strengthening public relations.

Remember, if no one knows and reads your release, you won’t beat your competitors. That is why you need to distribute it effectively to get your engaging story picked up by media outlets, national magazines, newspapers, or blogs.

Effective PR distribution helps you to spend more time doing important business tasks. Additionally, there is a chance that those authoritative media websites will link to yours, which boost search engine visibility.

Our 5 Best Press Release Distribution Services:

# 1. Linking News – Rating 10 (Best overall)

Best for

  • White label press release distribution service
  • Guaranteed placement for top tier media sites
  • Chinese distribution network
  • Fuss-free and affordable media coverage

# 2. PR Newswire – Rating 9.1

Best for

  • Audience targeting for multimedia PR

# 3. Globe Newswire – Rating 8.6

Best for

  • Multilingual translation and custom PR feed

# 4. PR Web – Rating 7.1

Best for

  • Real-time reporting and analytics

#5. Business Wire – Rating 6.8

Best for

  • Interactive media newsrooms

Effective content distribution is critical, but buying distribution is a choice you must weigh carefully. Check out our list below about 28 best press release distribution services to boost your PR efforts.

  1. Linking News – Best Press Release Distribution Service Overall

Want to publish your news on top-notch media and news websites? Look no further than #1 press release distribution service Linking News. It is favorite amongst thousands of PR, marketing, and SEO agencies all over the world. This platform has access to 10,000+ news and media websites worldwide.

It helps clients disseminate their interesting stories to online media, bloggers, and journalists while also making their PR available for pickup by the major search engines.

The site offers several pricing plans for the users availing the best press release distribution services.

The Standard Plan guarantees your press release will be published on more than 100 news and media sites, including USA Today, MarketWatch, ABC, NBC, and FOX network.

Linking News is a simple, cost-effective, and fast solution to the businesses that want to achieve their communication goals fast and position their brand in front of a wider audience fuss-free.


  • Industry’s # 1 Trusted PR Network

Linking News has the largest and strongest PR in the industry. It has connections to approximately 900,000 journalists, 330,000 publications, and 90 million social media experts across the globe. It will help your unique story get a ground-breaking coverage fast.

  • 100% White Label Press Release Services

Another reason why Linking News is one of the best is that it offers 100% white label press release distribution services.

There is no Linking News’ label on your press releases and distribution reports. Also, your press releases will never get published on Linking News’ official website.

This allows the brands to get their story published on top news and media sites, including ABC, NBC, FOX, Yahoo, USA Today, MarketWatch, and many other notable names without mentioning the name of a third-party press release distribution service.

  • Comprehensive Chinese Distribution Networks

The comprehensive content network publishes and distributes your company’s PR to over 2,000 leading media outlets in China.

  • Boost Brand Awareness

The effective and fast press release distribution provides tons of opportunities to startups, digital marketing agencies, and businesses.

With an affordable cost, brands can boost credibility with existing clients and get immense attention from the media in a strong yet subtle way without spending much. This makes them more visible to potential new customers.

  1. PR Newswire

PR Newswire is another widely known press release distribution service headquartered in NY City. It is owned by Cision that offers a broad assortment of the best press release distribution services to PR and marketing communications professionals.

The wide distribution network motivates communicators to engage with influencers, and distribute meaningful news, stories, and announcements.

PR Newswire features three payment plans for the best press release distribution services – Local, State, Regional & Top Markets, and National plan. The State & Local PR service plan includes the basic distribution of news through 1,000 media websites and outlets.

However, users can send their stories to just one state. If you want broader targeting, then the Regional & Top Markets plan is the best one. This plan allows the distribution of the releases to 13 states.

PR Newswire is perfect for large and publicly traded companies that want to have correct and fast content distribution for increased brand awareness and huge profits.


  • Effective Geo-Targeting and Reporting

Professional editorial staff target every Cision distribution press release by picking specific keywords carefully. Through this portal, users can send the news to the reporters and journalists that cover specific industries.

In addition to that, you get a report that lists all the sites that selected and published your PR. All this makes PR Newswire ideal for businesses focused on targeting audiences depending on the topic, geographic area, and industry.

  • Wide Media Reach

Their broad network reaches near about 3,000 newsrooms, like The ABC News, New York Times, BuzzFeed, etc. The expert team also sends content to more than 550 news content systems. By signing up, you can quickly get access to a big network for distribution.

  • Global Reach

Cision PR distribution network distributes multimedia to 2,500+ websites. The global network reaches around 10,000 portals, websites, and databases. It helps brands reach more than 170 countries in no time.

  • Social Media Reach

Cision distribution also supports worldwide PR distribution across the leading social media networks.

The social post feature blasts your release to 55,000+ Twitter followers and 50+ industry-specific Twitter handles for great social media reach.

  • Excellent Visibility reports

PR Newswire offers comprehensive visibility reports so that members can effectively track the performance of their PRs.

  1. Globe Newswire

Globe Newswire is one of the popular and the best press release distribution services specializing in corporate press releases, multimedia content, and financial disclosures to the general public and media. The expert team will provide users the required guidelines to ensure that they reach a new level of success.

This best-in-class platform also allows its clients to embed multimedia like infographics, images, audio, video, and even live streaming events in their PRs.

GlobeNewswire offers numerous PR distribution plans that allow businesses to target their audience both locally and globally. Each package features PR writing and translating services.

GlobeNewswire offers tons of national and international plans. The US National plan allows users to spread the PR and other content via popular newswires and media sites in the USA. GlobeNewswire’s international plan offers PR release services across the world.

It is a great website for companies that want to connect with their employees daily and stay up-to-date with current events so as to gain broad global exposure.

It has partnered with NASDAQ – a good resource for anyone looking for strong business press release contacts.


  • Disseminate Stories Directly to Targeted Regions and Groups

The agency offers plenty of options to the clients for sending their news stories through the world’s largest media networks and newswires like USA Today, Yahoo, Bloomberg, etc.

Users can even send their news directly to the regional and national media influencers, investor websites, and journalists that cover their industry.

If you pick United States regional feature, you can further segment the release distribution strategy by geography.

  • Fast Global PR Distribution

It allows users to distribute news to the audience anywhere and anytime in the world in any language. It means they can share your content when and where they need. The provider sends stories to recipients within a day.

  • Multilingual Translation

This provider also collaborates with the biggest European newswires such as Baltic News Service, Agence France Presse, and many others.

Every PR gets distributed all across Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East if you like. The multilingual translation is also the cornerstone of GlobeNewswire service.

  • Create Custom PR Feed for Site

GlobeNewswire has a good connection with popular media sites. It also features an option that allows businesses to create a tailored press release feed for their website with direct-from-source content and news issued on behalf of global agencies across every industry.

  • Assistance with Regulatory Filings

The in-house expert team helps users with all of their conversion and filing needs with the solutions for XBRL, EDGAR, SEDAR, and European transparency.

  1. PR Web

Same as PRNewswire, PR Web is owned by the global leader “Cision.” It has the largest website distribution, with releases sent to nearly 30,000 journalists and bloggers.

It allows brands to upload their press release along with rich media and then distribute it to publications and journalists in the selected categories.

Their basic PR distribution pricing plan costs $99. It allows users to get a guaranteed listing on PRWeb.com in the form of a micro-website that they can tailor with their brand logo and diverse multimedia assets.

Additionally, there is also an Advanced plan available that is worth trying if you have a high budget. These range from $189 to $389 and include further distribution to targeted journalists, media outlets, and PR industry influencers.

The final price depends on the options that you select – PR editing services, permanent storage, etc. PR Web is excellent for small businesses that want to have wide online reach and support at a low cost.


  • Speedy Content Distribution

This best press release distribution services provider disseminates the stories of the users to diverse magazines and newspapers within 24 – 48 hours of submission.

If time is important for you, you must go for “Web Influence” and “Web Power plans” of PRWeb, which get the word out much speedily.

  • Easy PR Monitoring

PR Web also features a comprehensive analytics dashboard that allows small business owners to monitor PR efforts, the impact of the marketing campaign, and calculate essential metrics like ROI.

  • Increase PR Visibility

Businesses can boost their press release visibility in relevant search results across famous search engines by permanently hosting their PR.

  • Precise Targeting

Businesses can choose the precise areas that they want to target. It allows them to keep costs down while having a maximum impact for what they need.

  1. Business Wire

Business Wire is under Berkshire Hathaway based in the United States. This PR distribution service has known for its adroit editorial team that edits and offers feedback on each PR to optimize PR efforts for better performance.

Tons of companies are choosing Business Wire to transmit their full-text news to the general public and financial professionals across the globe.

It provides the best press release distribution services to print and online trade media and industry opinion leaders of 200+ vertical market categories for free. Furthermore, Business Wire allows users to add media to diverse sections, states, and countries.

With Business Wire, clients can schedule a press release to go out whenever they want to. It’s a great tool whether an agency has its PR team or not.

Features like free distribution to online trade media, advanced PR formatting, and distribution through patented news networks are remarkable.


  • PR Reaches 100,000+ Media Outlets

Business Wire provides release distribution to the broadcast and digital newsrooms. Also, PRs distributed via patented NX network of Business Wire reach 100,000+ news and media outlets in 162 countries.

Distribution options include 193 industry and trade categories in more than 20 languages.

  • Smart News Release

There is also an option to distribute pictures associated with PR to 4,000+ unique points on the “AP photo network.” Users can even transform a traditional press release into a “Smart Release.”

  • Free Social Media Sharing Links

It also offers social media sharing links free of cost for online readers to submit the news to LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and other popular social media sharing sites.

  • Adheres with SEC Regulations

Business Wire complies with SEC regulations, thereby making it a trustworthy source of information that allows public agencies to use this PR service to make important announcements.

  • Comprehensive Analytics

It also has an analytical feature that provides actionable insights into the news to the clients.

  1. Presswire

Presswire is a renowned PR distribution company based in the United Kingdom. Since 2001, it has been serving both private and public sector clients worldwide.

Their services include PR Preparation and Distribution, Media Monitoring, Media Representation, and Event Planning. It distributes press releases to journalists, newspapers, magazines, TV, and radio studios.

Moreover, it also publishes PR to its own network of websites and ensures that it’s picked up by Google News and other famous news aggregators.

Presswire’s innovative solutions are used worldwide by top Blue-Chip Firms, Educational Institutions, Financial, Legal, Media, Government, Technology, and Marketing sectors.

Their worldwide release distribution begins at $400. However, there are also several add-ons that the brands can incorporate to boost their business reach.


  • Quick Press Release Distribution

Presswire has an updated Media Contacts Database that consists of about 850,000 global media contacts.

Before any PR goes out, it is checked thoroughly by a skilled human editor for spelling errors and typos for better optimization.

  • Highly-Effective Targeting with Long-tail SEO Perks

This press release distribution service platform offers effective targeting through online syndication, comprehensive global Media Contact Database, and regional, national/global Wire Distribution.

It also allows your press releases to get picked up by a vast number of hyper-focused media sites specific to your niche.

  • Upload PRs in Any Language

Their online newswire system makes businesses to easily upload press releases in any language, with embedded videos and pictures. Add-ons include Geo-targeting, Translation, and Worldwide Media Monitoring.

  • Live Global Database

Presswire has a live global database, thereby allowing businesses to send the press releases directly to the journalists who are most likely to pick up their stories.

  • Advanced Analytics and Tracking

Presswire also offers advanced analytics and tracking reports to the businesses so that they can track each recipient, follow-up with vital recipients, and refine their business approach for future press releases.

Advanced analytics and tracking offer insights on:

  • Who opened the press release
  • How many times someone has read it
  • Whether the release was forwarded or not
  • How much time each recipient spent reading it
  1. 24–7 Press Release

24-7 Press Release is another reputed name that offers affordable and the best press release distribution services to businesses of every size looking to increase their brand presence and awareness.

It uses a cloud-based platform and user-friendly interface to distribute news to the digital and traditional media outlets.

The basic “visibility boost” package is a perfect starting point for small business owners. The starting PR distribution price is $49.

The release will be sent to around 50 premium news websites and published on the RSS feed.


  • Effective PR Tracking

The cutting-edge SaaS website sends and tracks press releases using Global media contacts databases of plenty of contacts.

Businesses can use the report to see if any recipient picked up their story, at what time, and other details.

  • Add Story in 5 Categories

Users can include their news in up to 5 industry categories and also add up to four documents or pictures.

  • Tons of PR Distribution Options

One of the most significant benefits of 24-7 Press Release is that it provides a massive variety of PR distribution options to their users for free.

Even though users are only allowed just one PR submission per day for free, think about how much that becomes over one year.

  • Global Content Distribution and Syndication

This site offers full content syndication and distribution across every country, sector, media outlet, and newspaper across Latin America, Europe, Asia, USA, and Canada.

  1. eReleases

eReleases is a leading global PR platform that offers the best press release distribution services to marketers around the globe.

It reaches an extensive network of industries, journalists, and marketing channels at a national and international level.

This provider offers three PR service packages – Buzz Builder, PR Pro, and Newsmaker. The starting service price is $299/PR, which includes distribution of 1 PR to a limited number of news and media websites.

Other packages cost up to $499/ PR, which allows users to gain wider media exposure. Users can search by state and find an extensive list of submission locations. It includes magazines, newspapers, etc.

eReleases is ideal for startup businesses looking to increase their online presence.


  • Quick and Easy Customization

It offers diverse tools for customization that allow users to add videos, pictures, or company logos into their press release.

  • Careful Hyper-Focused Targeting

eReleases sends press releases directly to bloggers, journalists, reporters, and those subscribed to Newswire.

It means the professional PR writing and editing team sends news to the audience interested in the service or product the clients serve.

  • PRTrueLists

PRTrueLists allow users to reach journalists regardless of their niche. Media contacts added in the list strengthens the personal connection with the wire service by distributing content hassle-free into their inbox.

  • Accepts Same-Day Orders

The average time for checking, editing, and approving the press release for distribution is only one day.

  • Broad Distribution

eReleases distributes press releases to the 7,439 syndicated sites and 347,000+ journalists and bloggers. It typically sends releases to the countries, including Australia, China, France, Canada, Germany, and Hong Kong.

Users also get a “WireWatch report,” which includes a complete list of the media outlets that featured the news.

  1. PRUnderground

PRUnderground is a top-notch press release company that allows small businesses, entrepreneurs, and medium-sized companies to spread their engaging stories through an extensive network of media sites.

The provider sends all the press releases to major search engines, television networks, popular media websites, and two major PR sites – MarketWatch and PR Newswire.

Furthermore, the clients can upload images and videos quickly and effortlessly in their press releases.

There are two pricing plans, including a pre-release plan and a monthly subscription plan. The pricing begins at $49 – $309, depending on the number of PRs per month.

PRUnderground is not for clients looking to target a specific audience or industry. Also, it does not have any PR email list of subscribed reporters and journalists.


  • All-in-One PR Package

PRUnderground offers the best press release distribution services with SEO optimization and social media services under one roof and also at free of cost.

This allows users to feature their news and stories in a way that helps them rank better on major search engine result pages and news outlets, thereby reaching a broader audience.

  • PR Syndication to More than 80 News Site Online

The press release gets published to more than 80 regional Radio and TV news websites, including AZCentral.com, DigitalJournal.com, ABC Island News Hawaii, ABC 7 Ft Myers, and many more.

  • Quick Turnaround Process

It also approves, publishes, and sends the news to tons of media sites within one day. Also, the tools on the website allow fast and easy uploads for the videos and images.

  1. Send2Press

Send2Press is one of the companies that focuses on traditional media and the best press release distribution services. It provides multiple plans for clients. Few of which include PR writing and editing services and PR dissemination to 4,200+ media outlets.

What makes the platform unique from the other PR distributors the option of sending news to particular locations across the United States.

The provider provides two payment plans – Standard and Premium Level, along with a blend of packages and add-ons. Clients can choose the packages depending on the industry and geographical area.

Standard State + Online prices start at $99 per a press release.

It allows printing and broadcasting to the daily media in 1 US state and aggregators such as Google, Bing, and Apple News). However, the syndication is on more than 250 websites.

The standard industry + regional plan begins at $149. It offers all Standard State, online features, and targeting by region or by sector.


  • Reaches More Than 6,000 Outlets

Send2Press releases reach a huge number of reputable media outlets at cost-effective rates.

It is perfect for the agencies that want to reach local daily media and spread PR to 100+ major websites, including Bing and Google News, for maximum visibility.

  • Concierge and Same Day Scheduling Service

Their concierge-style PR distribution service allows savvy staff editors to correct AP formatting, catch errors, and offer a media-ready announcement quickly.

Moreover, the provider also offers scheduling of releases on the same day with the focus on PR efforts and broad marketing.

  • Easy PR Monitoring

The biggest advantage of Send2Press is that it has a dashboard that allows you to monitor where the news is published.

  • Effective Regional Targeting

With a complete national plan, Send2Press provides distribution to nearly 6,000 media outlets. However, the regional pricing system allows users to target less densely populated regions to gain maximum value.

  • Extra Word Limit

Send2Press basic plan allows users to get 1000 word press releases published at no additional fee.

  1. PR.com

PR.com is another platform that offers advertising and PR services to 30 users. It includes distribution of press releases, job site, and online publication of celebrity interviews, reviews, and articles.

The provider allows agencies to promote everything about their business. Be it posting the essential information about themselves, job vacancies, press releases, or media information.

This best press release distribution service manages press release distribution on diverse platforms around the globe to assure that clients get the best outcome.

This one shop-stop is ideal for startups and small businesses looking for targeted PR distribution in a limited time and at a lower cost. Their pricing plans include $30, $50, $60 and $100.


  • All Information is Free

PR.com offers placement in multiple databases. The bonus part is that the press release offering for the database is free of cost and without any signing up.

This helps businesses generate quality leads and gain worldwide exposure for all their products and services without spending anything.

  • Powerful Search Tools

Users can use their robust search tools or click via a business directory to find any company. They can even hunt the best jobs in any industry by posting their resume.

  • Targeted PR Distribution

This best press release distribution services provider allows users to get in contact with tons of journalists in order to attract new customers to their business. They distribute PRs by the industry or area, thereby allowing targeted distribution.

  • Directory Services

PR.com features product, service, and business directory that allows users to promote their service and product offerings.

Members can post their logo profile and branding information to gain brand exposure and visibility.

  1. Accesswire

Accesswire is a leading news and communications network that provides national, regional, and global news. The focus is on the distribution to the biggest financial exchanges across the globe, including NASDAQ, OTC Markets, London Stock Exchange, and New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

Besides this, it also offers the best press release distribution services to the best financial data providers. This press release distribution service is ideal for businesses and investment companies looking for potential investors.

The provider creates custom distribution lists for PRs and communications. This helps them quickly target news websites, media outlets, social media platforms, financial data providers, print media, journals, broadcast news, and bloggers.

Accesswire offers two pricing plans – a pay-as-you-go option and a platform subscription plan. Pay-as-you-go offers global, national, or regional distribution.

It also includes social media posting and promotion. In fact, there is no word limit for the press releases. Users can embed videos and images in their communications.

On the other hand, a platform subscription option offers the same perks as the pay-as-you-go option but extends the benefits to the members for the entire plan. It means PR distribution runs for one year for a flat fixed fee.


  • Analytics and PR.Report

Users can use Accesswire as a compliance tool, PR monitoring platform, or webcast creation. Insights and reporting feature helps users monitor PR distribution engagement. It also offers statistics for segment URL opens, hour tracking, and URL opens.

Users can use PR Reports to generate valuable data per area or country and check out where the majority of the audience.

  • Custom Data Feeds

Accesswire also allows the creation of custom newsrooms. This helps users to create and embed feeds on their sites to lure potential website visitors.

Besides this, there is also tailored data feed for public companies, global exchanges, private companies, data providers, financial sites, and news aggregators.

  • Effective Webcasting

Accesswire allows users to broadcast virtual events to their target audience via a webcasting feature.

It also has an interactive analytics platform that lets users know the list of people that listened to their webcast, for how much time, and where they reside.

  1. PR Log

PR Log is a free online PR distribution and submission service created to help small, medium, and large-sized organizations and businesses in their online activities.

At present, the website offers services such as Expert Directory, Press Release Distribution, Job Listings, Business Directory, and Press Room Hosting. Most of these services are free.

Other prices cost $0 – $359 per PR. Whether you desire improved “Search engine ranking” or want to target journalists, PR Log provides distribution plans that fit the budget of every user.

Although PR Log provides excellent services, there is a limited-contact base and no analytics beyond a visitor counter in comparison to the other sites.

You can trust the company with its press release service because they use the latest strategies to offer the best results. The platform is ideal for small businesses and financial news distribution companies with a tight PR budget.


  • Offsite PR Sharing

PR Log also shares press releases offsite, including automatic release posting on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

The content is also syndicated on major news sites and industries, depending on the package of the user. These press releases are included in nearly 40,000 RSS feeds.

  • Support for Video Releases

It has a fully searchable database of previously uploaded press releases. It also provides support for video PRs, multiple tags, and categories.

  • Releases Go Live Instantly

PR Log distribution network includes Google news and other search engines. One of the biggest advantages is that the news stories get “live” instantly with the click of a button.

  • Search Engine Indexing

The platform also indexes distributed PRs in major search engines. Premium users can get more media coverage. They can pick where to index the press releases depending on the budget.

  • Customization and Advanced Scheduling

PRLog allows its users to add one text link, one photo, a company logo, and embed a video. The release is also limited to a maximum of 500 words.

They can even distribute their story immediately after writing or schedule it in advance for three days.

  1. PRLeap

PRLeap is another reputed site offering the best press release distribution services since 2003. This cloud marketing platform is built to support small, medium, and large businesses.

It allows users to add five pictures and videos in their PR. Although there is a limit of 2 press release submissions on a daily basis, all submissions get approved instantly.


  • Reach Wide Audience and Monitor Success

PR gets distributed to 100+ newspapers, radio, media, and financial outlets. Your press release gets listed on DuckDuckG, Google News, and Bing News.

There are also analytical tools to allow members to monitor the success of their release.

  • Downloadable Reports

PRLeap also tracks the progress of every published release to offer effective reports within 24 hours.

Every report is downloadable from the PRLeap account and includes views, Twitter tweets, Facebook likes and shares, search engine visibility, and syndication clipping report.

  • Quick Social Sharing

PR distribution allows users to share their news with friends on Google+, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. The experienced experts also take extra steps to integrate the social plugins for better engagement with the PRs.

  • Easy Scheduling

Users can even schedule their press releases so that it gets published at the right time. This assures that your press release reaches new customers with no extra cost and minimal effort.

  1. PitchEngine

PitchEngine is another renowned press release distribution service that makes the brand of businesses standout. Thanks to the powerful PR creation tools in the industry.

It allows businesses to create, distribute, and share engaging social media press releases on the fly via mobile or email with the influencers, customers, and journalists.

However, to use these PR toolkit tools, users need to upgrade from the lowest pricing tier (i.e., $14.95 per month) to the highest-paid tier (i.e., $49 per month).

In the basic plan of $14.95/month, you can get basic tech support, one brand profile, and an unlimited number of pitches. The best part is that you can cancel it anytime.

Every PR created automatically appears in PitchFeed that the press reporters and bloggers can access via RSS or website. It is a perfect platform for the companies looking to reach the target customers and keep stakeholders in the loop.


  • Simple User Interface

PitchEngine has a clean user interface. It is also easy to “set up” and has good software to stay connected with the audience.

  • Easy Customization for Social Media

A big selling point of Pitchengine is PR design customization via drag-and-drop tools. Also, adding multimedia and posting the content to the PR newsroom is also very easy for sharing on social media.

  • Boost Overall Traffic

All social media releases shared are sent to major search engines. This gives your news stories a little extra boost, brings awareness to people about your business, and drives massive traffic to your website.

  • Create Unlimited Releases

Another biggest perk that you can create unlimited press releases free of cost. However, they will not get published on PitchEngine official website.

The paid pricing plan starts at $19/month. Also, if you want to get insights into analytics, then you need to spend $39/month.

  1. Prowly

Prowly is the best SaaS platform for PR professionals looking to streamline their work and perform powerful communication. It allows users to create high-quality PRs, find relevant journalists, send targeted pitches, and keep them in an online newsroom.

PR fanatics can do them using a “Prowly app,” which spreads its features between two software – Audience Pitch and Brand Journal. A drag and drop creator allows users to quickly add videos, photos, social media posts, and other rich media to bring their stories to life.

This online website provides flexible Newsrooms and tailored emails for PR companies. Rate is $108 per month for the Basic Plan.


  • Big Media Contacts Database

Prowly has a Media Contacts Database that consists of over 1 million+ contacts. The “discovery” module lets users search influencers and journalists by position, industry, location.

Furthermore, the contacts are updated daily so that users get up-to-date contacts every time they begin their search.

  • Engage and Follow-up Journalists Effectively

This best press release distribution services agency keeps the contacts well-organized with the groups. Members can engage journalists using personalized emails.

Users can also stay up-to-date with the activity logs and comments of the groups. It helps them engage their audience in a much better way.

  • Hassle-free Sharing, Personalization, and Scheduling

Journalist-friendly newsrooms keep everything well organized. It helps users to schedule their PR campaigns so that it reaches at the perfect time. They can even add a customized greeting to the contacts for a better impression.

  1. Prezly

Prezly is a public relations management tool ideal for the communication teams and press release agencies that want to feature their news, manage contact databases, and send email campaigns.

It provides PR software for speedier communications with journalists, influencers, and bloggers and also streamlines PR outreach. This allows the brands to create global PR distribution that is measurable and consistent.

Many top companies and brands are using Prezly around the globe, including Red Bull, HP, ING, VW, and Emirates. The professional pricing plan begins at $240.00 per month and users. There is also no free trial.

Furthermore, the Cloud solution of Prezly requires minimal effort from your IT department. The skilled team assists you throughout the PR creation and distribution process to ensure that you gain an edge over your rivals fast.


  • Create Highly Branded Press Releases

The biggest perk is that the users will be able to create professional-looking releases in terms of brand fonts, colors, and spacing.

Also, using the tool, members can publish the content one time and distribute everywhere – social media, website or intranet, etc. You can even email your engaging stories to the most vital stakeholders.

  • Manage Extensive PR Campaigns

With this PR publishing platform, users will be able to publish your news, manage their contacts, and pitch the stories from a single place. It offers flexibility in managing PR campaigns well.

  • Handle Contacts Well and Track Communications

Smart CRM allows users to track every communication via timeline and flags when emails get out-of-date. It also helps them see who visits the newsroom, opens the emails, and other vital details.

  • SEO-friendly Content Editor

The platform also features SEO-friendly Content Editor that allows members to tell their professional stories in full color and any language.

It also allows you to publish press releases and other news in their own online newsrooms. Users can send email pitches from directly within the tool.

  • Detailed Reports

A comprehensive overview of the press release campaigns via reports helps users understand what works and what’s not.

  1. PressPage

PressPage is a PR software trusted by leading brands, including Booking.com, KLM, etc. It is built to help PR and communication teams for effective PR management. Analytics dashboard and downloadable reports offer better insights to the members.

Each press release allows you to embed multimedia freely and also link to photo collections on social networking platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, and Flickr. One interesting feature is that you have the option of auto-publish on social media.

The standard pricing tier of the best press release distribution services begins at $399/month. However, the premium tier costs $799 per month. Moreover, the platform is available in 55 languages. It ensures that you have worldwide coverage for your press releases.


  • Manage Complex PR Workflows

The platform features all the required tools that users need for effective PR workflow and management of media databases, online newsrooms, and email newsletters.

The bonus part is that users don’t need Excel spreadsheets, databases, email tools, or a list of forgotten passwords to handle them.

  • 860,000 Media Contacts

PressPage has a database of 860,000 influencers and media contacts. Users can make use of it to connect with the right people and strengthen the relationship.

  • Customizable Newsrooms

Newsrooms allow members to create rich content with drag-and-drop functionality. Users can make their stories more striking with PR elements (such as press kits, media libraries, etc.) and media.

Newsrooms also offer users complete control over content creation and publishing. Users can also integrate their stories and media pages to it seamlessly.

  1. ReleaseWire

ReleaseWire is one of the best press release distribution services that offers a suite of services to the clients to boost their PR or marketing efforts.

The platform is built for businesses of all sizes so that the communicators and marketers can quickly connect to publishers, journalists, and editors around the globe.

70,000+ businesses and companies trust this online news service in 100+ countries. It allows users to distribute their multimedia content, and help you generate engagement for that content.

The expert team also ensures that the press releases and news updates match well with the bloggers, journalists, and media outlets seeking to write about them. Members can pick diverse pricing tiers, depending on their PR distribution needs.

The starting price is just $49 per release. For that price, you get distribution to media outlets and search engines.

However, for high volumes of press releases, ReleaseWire also has other subscription tiers – ReleaseWire Direct at $89/release and ReleaseWire Monthly at $99/month.


  • Interactive ReleaseWire Newsrooms

ReleaseWire Newsrooms is a complete resource for the company news. It offers users fast access to the information you need.

  • Powerful Media Engagement Tools

ReleaseWire has powerful media engagement tools that include press release analytics, press release publisher, hosted newsrooms, a media CRM system, and multimedia distribution.

This offers clients an extensive online reach while supporting quality media relationships.

  • News Feed

ReleaseWire offers news feeds based on the location, industry, or company. Each news feed is available in RSS or Atom format. Users can also add a link to the online press release or include the full text of the release in any news feed.

  1. Wiztopic

Wiztopic is a multi-channel press release distribution services platform created to simplify internal and external communications. It allows users to publish PRs and news articles through online newsrooms.

Each content gets distributed through multiple channels such as mobile apps, social media, etc.

All content gets stored, shared, and well organized via media library, including infographics, corporate logos, and annual reports. This all-in-one platform is ideal for PR, corporate and financial communication, investor relations, social media, employee advocacy.


  • SEO and Newsrooms

The platform allows users to publish the latest news on newsrooms. It will help them convert their word files into HTML in just a few clicks.

Also, the expert team does Search engine optimization of your new content so that you reach a new level of success fast.

  • Automation of Manual Tasks

It automates manual tasks such as copyright management, content formatting, event logistics, press review generation, and reporting.

Since the platform is multilingual, users can even distribute their business content in most languages.

  • Intuitive Media Library

Users can organize and manage their content well in a media library. They can even save the latest releases, reports, infographics, corporate logos, and interviews with no limit.

  • CRM Dedicated to Stakeholders

CRM dedicated to stakeholders allows users to manage and update their target lists. It strengthens their bond with investors, journalists, audiences, and influencers.

Furthermore, every single digital interaction between the content and contact gets saved automatically in the CRM.

  • Multi-Channel Distribution and Tracking

Wiztopic allows members to publish content in social media and link it to their favorite tools like Sociabble, Workplace, apps, or intranet using a simple interface. Businesses can even track the performance of their work and automate reporting.

  1. PRgloo

PRgloo is a complete media relations platform that blends simple tools for a new PR campaign. It allows stakeholders, in-house, and internal communication teams to create compelling media-rich stories and then follow up with in-depth reports for big success.

It also allows users to effectively manage social media publication, newsrooms, influencer engagement, etc. – in one place. There is also a tailored Newsroom tool for managing press contact information on the site.

One of the biggest benefits of their best press release distribution services is that the site has an uncluttered user interface. If you’re a business tycoon and are looking for a trustworthy platform to manage your entire PR process, then PRgloo is a great option for you.


  • Powerful Content Management System

The strong content hub allows you to create interesting media-rich stories via strong distribution and publication tools.

With just one click, users can schedule and publish content to social media platforms, newsrooms, and a list of stakeholders.

  • Highly Responsive and Tailored Newsrooms

Customized and responsive newsrooms give you beautiful templates that users can use to craft their content and make complex data simple.

  • Build a Big List and See Who Are Engaging

PRgloo helps users build and manage lists of influencers, media contacts, stakeholders by seeing who has been engaging with your content and who aren’t.

  • Centralized Tools

PRgloo also has a centralized set of tools for managing inquiries, statements, and requests. Members can even instantly access useful reports at the click of a button.

  • Effectively Link all Activities

PRglooo “instant PR coverage” feature helps users to effectively integrate all communication activities like interviews, press releases, etc., to results. Reports offer an instant analysis of the performance of the content over time.

  1. IssueWire

IssueWire is the leading provider of the best press release distribution services to marketing and PR experts. It offers various kinds of PR promotion – from local press release distribution, small business press release, business PR to event release.

The agency has a global network that offers PR syndication in the most important media sites, journalists, and contacts.

Also, the first release is free. However, the paid plan ranges from $21 – $45/release. Premium users can get their release featured in journalists and Google News.


  • Guaranteed Story Distribution with Media Coverage

This press release distribution company offers guaranteed placement and syndication in 150 + top media distribution sites, Bing News, Google News.

Also, the expert editors drive good search engine visibility for the published Press release content.

  • Traditional Newsrooms

Custom newsrooms bring all the content like press releases, events, and other crucial information under one roof. It allows users to get familiar with every single action in their niche.

  • Target Specific Audience

It also enables clients to target specific geographical regions and industries for maximum brand engagement.

  1. Pressat

Pressat is another renowned press release distribution service in the United Kingdom. This reliable platform extends to 160+ countries. The skilled team not only uses traditional media but also leverages the power of social media to spread the client’s message wide.

The releases are optimized for search engines, again helping the news attract the attention that users desire. Furthermore, the up-to-date database allows users to hunt the right people and engage with a specific audience.

It is a perfect choice for business owners that want to drive their PR campaigns via customized messages and audience profiles in both the UK and internationally.


  • Tested Strategies

Pressat platform has a professional team that uses a broad array of 100% tested techniques to precisely target the media contacts, local news channels, bloggers, and journalists, depending on the industry and geographic location. This will help you to get the coverage you’re aiming for.

  • Quick Translation

You can also have your releases professionally translated for a particular country or region. Unleash your story with a step-by-step submission process -just fill the boxes, and you are ready to achieve your goals.

  • Vetted Media Websites

The editorial team also vets a selection of press releases and unique media sources. This ensures that the story is sent to the selected targeted audience.

  • Tailored News Alerts

This best press release distribution services provider has got a list of 33,000+ opt-subscribers with customized news alerts – ranging from editors to journalists to bloggers.

By using the best distribution methods, the expert Pressat editorial team spreads all press releases to most essential places, syndicates PRs to major news companies across the globe like Thomson Reuters, Bing News, DowJones, etc.

  1. Newswire

Newswire is another good platform that offers the best press release distribution services to users to boost their web presence, brand awareness, and sales. It distributes news to the editorial offices and journalists in print, online, and industrial media.

The provider has gone too far when it comes to customer service. A knowledgeable customer handling team helps users engage with the live tutorials and hands-on techniques for excellent syndication to the major news sites in just a few clicks.

Registration is free on Newswire and takes only a few minutes. The friendly customer support team answers all questions quickly. The rate of creation and distribution of releases starts at $149. It is ideal for businesses looking for excellent guidance and tailored support.


  • Hyper-Focused Media Targeting and Reach

Newswire also provides customizable templates that allow users to format their pitches that stand out from the crowd.

Moreover, 1.8 m regional and international media contacts help you customize lists and send personalized media pitches to the specific audience instantly.

You can even import and export contacts and integrate with existing PR marketing efforts for better reach.

  • PR Distribution to 4500+ Network

Newswire press release distribution is highly automated. It offers the distribution to more than 4500 networks and 1.7 m premium publishers as well as journalists.

  • Powerful Media Rooms

Media room collects news and displays the content that motivated the Earned Media. Users can even tailor the design as per their liking or integrate seamlessly with your company’s site for sharing all the content in a single place.

Before publishing press releases, the savvy editorial team also reviews and notifies users of all mistakes so that fixes can be made quickly.

  • Monitor Global Feeds

Media Watch option offers real-time notifications that let users monitor their content closely to explore trends, track coverage, and measure sentiments of readers. They can use this information to make better decisions.

  • Track Performance Data and Reporting

Analytics allows users to track important social media signals and email campaigns to measure content engagement and performance.

Also, full customizable PDF reports are downloadable and help members understand the insights about press release syndication for maximum ROI.

  1. Pitchbox

Pitchbox is a content marketing and influencer outreach platform good for the media publishers, business tycoons, and SEO companies that want to drive their PR efforts. The tagline of Pitchbox is “find influencers in your niche,” and this is what exactly the Pitchbox provides.

Users can create media-worthy PRs quickly and find the best journalists or social media influencers, covering a specific niche or topic for content promotion.

This best press release distribution services platform has 1,000+ users worldwide, and reputed names that use the platform include FreshBooks, Dow Chemical, About.com, and D&B. The biggest benefit is that Pitchbox integrates with all the best SEO providers, including SEMRush, Moz, Majestic, etc.


  • Quick Finding for Personalized Outreach

With keyword search and multiple prospect profiles, Pitchbox allows you to find authoritative influencers, publishers, and bloggers in your niche in a few seconds and then message them about your business.

Also, you can have total control of your business messaging and automatically follow the prospects who haven’t responded.

  • Integration with Top SEO Providers

Pitchbox also allows the integration with the best SEO providers, such as SEMRush, Moz, Majestic, Ahrefs, and LRT. By combining influencer outreach and SEO, you can boost release performance.

  • White-Label Client Management and Reports

One interesting feature of PitchBox is the ability to generate team reports and white label clients. This allows members to put their own brand on the analytics reports that they prepare. It will also help them refine their PR outreach strategy for an excellent outcome.

  1. JustReachOut

If your PR goal is a consistent exposure rather than a one-time email blast to essential reporters and influencers, then JustReachOut is a great choice.

It is also the best press release distribution services platform that has exceeded the expectations of the customers when it comes to PR software. Nearly 5000+ businesses trust it to pitch press releases.

It allows members to find the most relevant publications, journalists, press opportunities, broken links, and podcasts so that they can pitch with confidence.

JustReachOut offers three pricing tiers – $199, $399, and $699. The $199 package allows members to get access to a pitch engine, press opportunities, email pitch templates, and plenty of pitch analytics. For that price, you also have the potential to send out 50 targeted emails every month.


  • Pre-made Pitch Templates

The platform features pre-built pitch templates that users can yield the highest response rates. They can even track the PR pitches using analytics, depending on the insights from more than 5,000 users.

  • In-platform Guidance

The tool features all the information users need, such as useful PR training videos and tactics to make your PR pitch stand out from their competition. This helps them get constant brand exposure.

  1. Muck Rack

In comparison to the other best press release distribution services that depend on the media databases, Muck Rack is more than just a news platform.

It is a great PR software that allows its users to simplify the task of searching journalists, building reports, and monitoring news related to press release distribution.

Many top-tier companies like Pfizer, Patagonia, Nike, and Chobani trust this easy to use software with their PR needs.


  • Pitch Right Journalists using a Search Engine

This one-stop relationship-building platform has a powerful search engine that allows users to explore and pitch relevant journalists in a targeted manner than traditional media databases.

  • Easy Building and Sharing of Media Lists

All contacts get updated automatically without the requirement for manual entry.

  • Never Miss a Beat

The most exciting feature of their best press release distribution services is the automatic notifications in the email inbox about all media pickups generated by your PRs.

It means you will get alerts whenever any journalist is tweeting about your campaign, company, or competitors. This allows you to know who to connect with, which stories you need, and the latest news that can affect your brand.

  • Digestible Campaign Reports

Muck Rack converts data from the PR campaign into professional and simple-to-digest reports. Users can even export PDF reports in Microsoft Excel to quickly understand the performance of essential business metrics.

  1. SourceBottle

Sourcebottle is also the best press release distribution service that is more than a matching service.

It not only helps influencers, journalists, and bloggers to connect with the renowned media companies, but also allows them to open on crucial issues, industry trends, and new market developments. SourceBottle is perfect for businesses looking to generate colossal PR buzz.


  • Free PR Service

Their best press release distribution services are free and connect tens of thousands of business owners, PR professionals, bloggers, and journalists, thereby making it one of the top resources in the global media industry.

  • Create Professional Profiles

Users can prepare expert profiles for $25 per month. The skilled editorial team pitches your profiles to the bloggers and journalists effortlessly that are seeking professionals with excellent expertise.

  • Timely Insight into Publicity Opportunities

It offers PR experts with actionable insights into advertising opportunities to help them gain brand awareness.

Besides this, the profile will attach automatically to every response you send, thereby making it easy or them to notice you.

Wrapping Up:

There is no surprise that the online market is getting highly competitive day by day. It has become challenging for business owners to compete with their rivals to lure most customers. However, when it comes to press distribution, it is also challenging for them to reach out to the right audience.

Finding the best press release distribution service is one of the fastest and cost-effective ways of getting your business featured in the media and getting more leads.

Consider the above mentioned best press release distribution services to turn your dreams into reality. They offer the best PR distribution that will help you generate more sales, gain online visibility, and boost brand awareness fast.

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