Open Letter To Alvin Bragg Demading Justification For Delaying The Indictment Of Trump


By Steve Slavin. Originally published at ValueWalk.

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From my first day in office, we’ve taken decisive steps to prosecute those who do harm, prevent crimes by addressing root causes like mental health and addiction, and provide transparency and accountability.

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We’ve focused on the work, including: appointing the office’s first ever Executive ADA for Gun Violence Prevention to coordinate all our anti-gun efforts across bureaus and make sure we are using our resources and data as effectively as possible; initiating a Small Business Alliance in partnership with the NYPD, store-owners, and service providers to reduce shoplifting and commercial robberies; announcing indictments of an insurance broker accused of stealing nearly $350,000 and a couple running a sex trafficking operation involving at least eight women; and increasing resources to prosecute the highest number of hate crime cases since the unit was created.

While we address the spike in gun violence and shoplifting, like the Mayor, City Comptroller, and others, we have decided to forgo our Inauguration Ceremony planned for March 6th. There will be time to gather in the future. In the meantime, we appreciate your support and friendship.



Alvin Bragg for DA

Box 1584

New York, NY 10026

United States

Open letter to Alvin,

Your email is not just tone-deaf, but utterly unacceptable.

You have been under fire — whether fairly or unfairly — for the resignations of your two lead prosecutors because of a perceived foot-dragging by your office over the prosecution of ex-president Donald Trump for income tax evasion and financial fraud. I, and hundreds of thousands of other New Yorkers, had hoped to hear your side of the story, and your justification for delaying the indictment of Trump.

And this is the best explanation you can come up with? This raises the question — are you trying to obstruct justice, or are you just plain incompetent? Or is there a more sinister explanation for your gross dereliction of duty?

I had urged my friends to wait to hear your side of the story, and now we have it  You fooled the voters of Manhattan who believed you would bring Trump to justice. Now, the big question is how quickly you can be removed from office.

The greatest contribution you can make to criminal justice is to resign immediately.

Steve Slavin

Brooklyn, NY.

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