Abe Finkelstein of Vintage Investment Partners on Israel, Tech Investing, and Living Through Multiple Market Cycles



Abe Finkelstein of Vintage Investment Partners on Israel, Tech Investing, and Living Through Multiple Market Cycles

Courtesy Howard Lindzon

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I had a great time catching up with Abe Finkelstein. He’s a GP at Vintage Investment Partners based out of Israel – a $3 billion venture capital fund of funds. We talk Israel, we talk growth, we talk about tech and how all this stuff works – all the parts of the system. Prior to joining Vintage in 2003, Abe was an equity analyst with Goldman Sachs covering Israeli technology companies. Before Goldman, Abe was Vice President at US Bancorp Piper Jaffray, where he helped start and then headed their Israel technology shares institutional sales effort. Abe has a BS in Economics from the Wharton School, where he graduated Magna Cum Laude.

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More details on the podcast are below…

Guest: Abe Finkelstein

Profile: General Partner at Vintage Investment Partners

Where to Find Him: LinkedIn

What’s Abe Panicked About?: Traveling again. (but not why you think)

Show Notes:

  • Introduction. (00:40)
  • Welcome Abe. (04:09)
  • Starting a career in finance. (06:17)
  • Moving to Israel. (07:25)
  • Getting Vintage off the ground.  (10:25)
  • Living through multiple market cycles. (10:57)
  • Deploying funds across three geographies. (11:37)
  • Making few direct investments recently. (12:47)
  • The disconnect in public and private markets. (13:17)
  • A world with 10 Softbanks. (15:11)
  • Younger managers have never seen a downturn. (16:31)
  • Start learning the underlying portfolios. (22:15)
  • Living in Israel. (23:06)
  • Panicked about traveling again. (29:31)
  • Waiting for the next $10, or $100 billion Israeli company over the next 10 years. (30:16)
  • Looking towards Europe. (31:33)
  • Intrigued by web3 and the gaming ecosystem. (32:37)
  • Favorite cities to visit. (34:07) 
  • Wrapping it up. (38:48)
  • Closing thoughts. (39:44)

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