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Momentum Monday – The Macro Matters and It Is Awful… The Greatest Move By Time Cook…And How Zuckerberg Blew It

Momentum Monday – The Macro Matters and It Is Awful… The Greatest Move By Time Cook…And How Zuckerberg Blew It


Happy holiday Monday.

I will keep it short and sweet.

The technicals are brutal and the macro backdrop is worse.

We were smacked down by the downward sloping 200-day moving average and while stocks obviously do bottom in a bear market when they are below the 200-day moving average, I doubt it is happening right now.

In this weeks Momentum Monday I walk through some charts with Ivanhoff that might help explain the problems (just 19 minutes).

The biggest problem in technology is Apple (unless 100 percent of your portfolio is Apple). Their relative strength is everyone else’s pain.

You can watch/listen the conversation with charts right here on Youtube. I have embedded it below on the blog:

Here are Ivanhoff’s thoughts:

“The price action in most stocks has been notably bearish in the past few weeks. We saw quite a few green opens (gaps up) and red closes – the morning gains faded throughout the day and the indexes closed near their lows of the daily range. SPY and QQQ slashed through their 50dma very easily; then bounced back and found resistance right under their 50dma. In the meantime, correlations among most stocks have increased and they started to move together – something we typically see during corrections. The market reaction to earnings has completely changed – only a few weeks ago, stocks were rallying on missed estimates and lowered guidance. Lately, the market has been selling both positive and negative earnings surprises. Sentiment has changed since Powell’s remarks at Jackson Hole. Now, the market is worried that the Fed will keep tightening until inflation or job numbers fall significantly, whichever comes first. As a result, most stocks are under pressure. Nothing is safe. Even energy and metals that held relatively well until last week, are starting to sweat a bit.”

As always, here s the Stocktwits ‘Momentum 25’ lists.

Finally, here is Charlie’s 9 chart Sunday is excellent.

Have a great week.

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