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Get Ready for Two Years of House Republican Bullsh!t

The House Republican caucus is ground zero for MAGA zealotry. Come January, they’ll run the place

BY RYAN BORT, RollingStone

THE OTHER SHOE has fallen. Democrats improbably protected their majority in the Senate, but on Wednesday night, it became clear they would not do the same in the House. The Associated Press has now called enough House races for Republicans that, come January, they’ll control Congress’ lower chamber. The death knell for Democrats’ majority came in California, where, in the 27th district, Republican Rep. Mike Garcia’s won his race against a Democratic challenger.

GOP control of the House erases President Biden’s chances of passing major legislation. Instead, the chamber will likely serve as a staging ground for Republicans’ most extreme right-wing crusades — including a nonstop effort to boost the 2024 GOP presidential nominee…

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