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Jamie Dimon At Davos: Rates Going Above 5%

Jamie Dimon At Davos: Rates Going Above 5%

Via ValueWalk

Following are excerpts from the unofficial transcripts of CNBC interviews which aired on CNBC’s “Squawk Box” (M-F, 6AM-9AM ET), “Squawk on the Street” (M-F, 9AM-11AM) and “TechCheck” (M-F, 11AM-12PM) today, Thursday, January 19th for Davos 2023 in Davos, Switzerland.

Dimon on the Economy

JAMIE DIMON: Part of that storm cloud’s hit. Rates went higher than people thought. You know, the stock market’s down 20%. IPO market disappeared. And the economy of course, we all talk about it. It’s like the weather. We don’t really know.

I hate guessing about that. We should have a little humility. I’ve never seen anyone actually do it well. But the real issue for the world is Russia, war, Ukraine, energy, trade, and that is serious. And that’s still out there. Hopefully it’ll all mitigate and go away, but it may not. So as a risk manager, you kind of prepare for some of that…

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