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These Are the Goods

These Are the Goods

Courtesy of Michael Batnick, The Irrelevant Investor


There are no job offers for a 32 year old aspiring financial advisor with approximately zero dollars under management. (By Josh Brown)

Bottom line: 2-3 more Fed hikes ahead, and a mild US recession whose likelihood and possible severity may be shrinking. (By Michael Cembalest)

UBI is ZIRP on steroids rolled up with perma-stimmies (By Packy McCormick)

Many companies are likely about to meet a hard reckoning (By Elad Gil)

From a purely economic perspective, these crashes were meaningless to me (By Barry Ritholtz)

Economic “noise” was not merely a cost of producing a “signal” but a critical component of production. (By Dror Poleg)

Investing and business can remain an occupation and not turn into life-consuming passions (By Frederick Gieschen)

The game was the prize. (By Jack Raines)

The Gartnerian hype cycle around the Echo and voice perfectly captures so much of tech in the 2010s. (By Ranjan Roy)

There is a graveyard of companies who probably spent a lot of time reading about competitive moats, but never lived long enough for them to matter practically. (By Kyle Harrison)

Nothing too good or too bad stays that way forever (By Morgan Housel)


Companies have figured out the playbook (With Josh Brown, Dan Nathan, and Nick Maggiulli)

It’s easier to start things than end them (With Chris Ryan and Andy Greenwald)

A devotion to expense regardless of pleasure (From Morgan Housel)

Nothing gets done by the naysayers (With Fintech Frank and Lasse Clausen)

Nothing builds a great culture like winning (With Patrick O’Shaughnessy and Doug Leone)

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