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Why Hollywood Really Fears Generative AI

Unions representing actors and writers are negotiating with major studios to stop AI from running riot in the industry. Their concerns are very real.
The future of Hollywood looks a lot like Deepfake Ryan Reynolds selling you a TeslaIn a video, since removed but widely shared on Twitter, the actor is bespectacled in thick black frames, his mouth mouthing independently from his face, hawking electric vehicles: “How much do you think it would cost to own a car that’s this fucking awesome?”

On the verisimilitude scale, the video, which originally circulated last month, registered as blatantly unreal. Then its creator, financial advice YouTuber Kevin Paffrath, revealed he had made it as a ploy to attract the gaze of Elon Musk. (Which it did: the Tesla CEO replied to Paffrath’s tweet with a “nice.”) Elsewhere on Twitter, people beseeched Reynolds to sue. Instead, his production company responded with a similarly janky video in which a gray-looking Musk endorsed gin made by Aviation, a company Reynolds co-owns. That video has also since been deleted…

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