Which Way Wednesday – Brother Can You Spare 150Bn Dimes?


20 Year Aug 23 2023$15Bn! 

That’s what the Government is auctioning off this afternoon in 20-Year Notes. The last auction (July 20th) was at 4.036% and another auction above 4% will send a bad signal to the bond market that higher rates are settling in for a long stay. The 20-Year is just a small portion of the $150Bn the Government borrows every month – ALONG WITH THE $400Bn THEY ROLL OVER – at ever-increasing rates. As you can see, 20-Year notes peaked in October at 4.39% and it does look like we’ve been consolidating for a move higher all year long since.  

$550Bn in US debt that is auctioned each month is 28% of all the Debt in the World and the problem is there may not be enough money left in the World for them to keep feeding our particular beast as it’s growing and growing and other countries also need money for Infrastructure, Fighting Global Warming and fixing all the damage Global Warming is already causing.

US Drought-Water Shortages Cartoon CartoonThe World is also running out of drinking water, here’s ShelBot’s Report:  

Be careful out there! 


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