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“Trump is in the final stage of cult leadership”: Fulton County arrest elevates his MAGA “martyrdom”

“Trump is in the final stage of cult leadership”: Fulton County arrest elevates his MAGA “martyrdom”

The “country is on the precipice of sustained violence we haven’t seen in 150-160 years,” says Republican Joe Walsh



Gregg Barak: “With respect to the January 6 and Georgia election fraud and conspiracy cases, neither one has anything to do with free speech or with the weaponization of the Justice Department (DOJ) by either President Joe Biden or Attorney General Merrick Garland. While both of these political talking points may continue to thrive in the Trumpian alternative universe, I believe that their powers of persuasion are already starting to fade or decline as a byproduct of the powerful RICO indictments in Georgia. No matter though, these arguments may have had or have value in the court of public opinion, they will have no value whatsoever in the federal or state criminal courts of law where Trump should ultimately be tried will also be convicted.”


Rich Logis:

“Trump is in the final stage of cult leadership: martyrdom.

“He hasn’t been defrauded and persecuted, he tells his supporters—YOU have been cheated and persecuted. This leitmotif has been present since 2015, but Trump has significantly ramped up the rhetoric, recently. Some of his primary opponents are now mustering up faux courage, saying that, yes, Trump did lose; these opponents have always believed Trump lost, however, and I will continue to posit that candidates such as Pence, Scott and DeSantis are angling for the nomination via a brokered convention. They, and those running the GOP, know that every indictment strengthens Trump’s standing amongst those who matter most to Republican candidates: their primary voters, who are, overwhelmingly, MAGA devotees.”

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