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Release The Hostages!

Good morning…

If you are wondering WHY your Jewish friends are filling your social media feed (and email inbox) with nonstop talk about Israel, it’s because 90 years ago people said nothing.

Only one thing matters right now to me and Israel and that is for Hamas to RELEASE THE HOSTAGES!

Put more eloquently…

Obviously we cannot count on the media to stay focused on the one thing that that would at least bring a ceasefire. They have hours of airtime to fill us with anger and doubt and rage.

Rest assured they will be quick to praise Hamas for releasing a couple of hostages at a time but keep this In mind:

Here is actual Hamas:

The Hamas terrorists wore GoPro’s to film the atrocities because they knew It would bring this war on innocent Palestinians. They called the mudered victims families from their smartphones at the scene of the terrorism. They called their own parents bragging about killing Israeli’s with their bare hands and their moms praised them.

But sure…ceasefire!

I remember the good old days when Congress was actually open and they would drag Jack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg in to ask questions about the tubes and the internet. Today, the New York Times can send an alert to 10’s of millions of people with propaganda from Hamas that incites violence against Israel and the US, issue a whoopsie six days later, and carry on as usual.

Please read this Alison Cowan piece (she worked at The Times for 27 years) titled ‘My New York Times Problem and Ours’. This is chilling and too real right now:

I know there will be some in my profession who will shrug off my comments as an example of someone minimizing unavoidable challenges of covering conflict zones or harping on a matter of little consequence from which the world should move on.

But journalists have a cautionary tale in one incident that helped kick off World War II, something Hitler used as a pretext to invade Poland on Sept. 1, 1939. Hours earlier, German “news” reported that Polish insurrectionists had crossed over the border into Germany and had overpowered a radio station in Gleiwitz, before being subdued. The New York Times and other news outlets ran with the story, exactly as it was presented to them by Hitler’s propagandists.

Except the entire attack was a sham. As Ashley Rindsberg detailed it in his 2021 book, The Gray Lady Winked, the “insurrectionists” were really concentration camp inmates and undesirables whom the Nazis had dressed up to look like Germans before killing them. This shameless ruse carried out by Hitler’s thugs cleared the way for Hitler to charge that “Germany had been attacked” first and had now been compelled to defend itself, all to justify the murderous rampage he was about to unleash on Poland and Europe.

Bottom line: We all stand in the debt of courageous correspondents who pursue the most dangerous and searing wartime stories out there. But journalism’s warriors must stick to the facts and leave the making of propaganda to someone else.


I urge people that want to at least understand how this now war is going to progress to follow The IDF (Israel Defense Forces) on Twitter. You may not like or believe what you hear, but you will not understand what is happening if you are listening to the media quote statistics from The Hamas (The Palestinian Health Industry). They have been making up the casualty statistics and disseminating propaganda to the media (and being called out for it) since at least 2014.

I can’t express how sad I am to hear all the anti-semitism I am witnessing. The easiest way to see it is to follow the comments on any Israeli social media account on Twitter. I mentioned the soulless Paul Graham the founder of Y Combinator this past weekend and here is Kitty Laing – Head of Comedy at United Agents.

Here are Elon endorsed ‘blue check marks’ $8 for Anti-Semitism…the soulless drudge of Jake Shields and Dr. Loupis…

The anti-semitism only emboldens me, our family and Israel’s resolve and that of Jews to protect and fight for Israel. Sadly, we know Iron Walls and Iron Domes only go so far. Imagine how October 7th had played out if The Iron Dome was not operational.

Minnesota’s far left, anti-semitic, miserable and hateful Ilhan Omar voted against the Iron Dome which protects both Jews and Arabs yet hurls insults at Ritchie Torres. Here is Ritchie discussing it (thank you Ritchie):


As easy as it would be to give up hope, I am digging in.

We have hit all-time high in ‘educated’, networked, hateful and misinformed people but I believe good will prevail versus evil.

Amidst the hate, Muslims are speaking up


Gaza residents know the truth about Hamas:


The chilling Hamas terrorist interrogations will only strengthen Israel’s resolve.


Enough for today…

PS… I am using Twitter again. I have set up a burner account for my desktop (I do not have the app on my phone) and am following 20 accounts that are helping me follow the Hamas Israel war. I am not tweeting. I will share the list eventually.

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