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Generative AI Is Confusing Google

Generative AI Is Confusing Google

This technology won’t be contained.

By Damon Beres, The Atlantic 

Earlier this week, I asked ChatGPT how to clean a humidifier. Then, frustrated by its answer, I asked it to design a less demanding humidifier. It did. But when I prompted the AI to estimate the cost of such a device—a few hundred dollars on the high end—I decided to live with the 30-minute white-vinegar soak it had suggested in the first place. The whole experience was quick, easy, and had the pleasant tickle of ingenuity: I felt like I’d participated in a creative process, rather than just looking something up.

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Referred to in the above article: AI Search is Turning into the Problem Everyone Worried About, by Caroline Mimbs Nyce (No paywall here.)

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