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Black Friday…Blue Friday…With Love From Israel

It id Black Friday in America. That means Americans are shopping. Black Friday has a Wikipedia page.

Shopify has a live view of global sales per minute. I admit it is pretty cool …

Black Friday will forever have a different meaning to Israeli’s and Jewish people as we wait for 13 hostages to be released. I am calling it Blue Friday.

I am refreshing certain Twitter accounts every five minutes right now on my desktop to make sure I get a glimpse of the released hostages when it happens.

If you want to shop on Blue Friday, may I recommend a site called ‘With Love From Israel, curated gifts from Israeli businesses and designers.

Here is how Israel is preparing for the 13 babies and children that are supposed to be released (via Egypt)

There are also 12 Thai nationals being released…

This is all great news for the families who have been tortured in wait.

Meanwhile, The Hamas propaganda machine is spewing the craziest of lies which Sky News is always happy to broadcast :

In a twist of fate it is Germany acting the most rational right now towards the disgusting online hate that has surfaced in an accelerated fashion. Hundreds of police are raiding the properties of Hamas supporters in Germany.

In Berlin alone, more than 300 police officers carried out searches at 11 locations in order to seize evidence and assets. Seven searches were related to Hamas and four to Samidoun. The searches mainly took place at the homes of supporters and the premises of a Palestinian association, German news agency dpa reported.

Germany has been clamping down on groups supporting antisemitism in the wake of the latest Israel-Hamas war.

On Tuesday, police raided the homes of 17 people in the southern German state of Bavaria who were accused of spreading antisemitic hate speech and threats targeting Jews online. On Nov. 16, German police raided 54 locations across the country in an investigation of a Hamburg-based organization suspected of promoting the Iranian leadership’s ideology and possibly supporting activities of Hezbollah in Germany.

“We are keeping a close eye on the Islamist scene,” Faeser said. “Islamists and antisemites cannot and must not feel safe anywhere here.”

Fingers crossed today.

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