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Howard Lindzon’s Trends with Friends EP. 39

Welcome back to Trends with Friends!

On this week’s episode we review the Sam Altman Soap Opera, Semiconductors as a Leading Indicator, Industrials and Homebuilders Inch to All-Time Highs, The Luxury Trend Continues, Pessimistic Sentiment and more.

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Intro (0:00)
Jingle Bells Fun Fact (0:18)
Howard Hates Burgundy (1:55)
Happy Thanksgiving (3:08)
The Sam Altman Soap Opera (4:46)
Nvidia Earnings (11:31)
Strength in Semis (12:30)
Follow the Reaction (16:33)
OpenAI Chaos Assists Google (17:53)
Semiconductors as a Leading Indicator (18:50)
Industrials and Homebuilders Inch to All-Time Highs (20:57)
European Banks Multi-Year Breakout (22:42)
Global Participation (26:44)
The Luxury Trend Continues (35:25)
Video Game & Content Degeneracy (37:58)
Pessimistic Sentiment (41:03)
State of Start Ups (44:02)
Seasonality (47:44)
Phil’s Final Thoughts (49:14)

Here are this week’s Featured Charts, 

Strength in Semis

Nvidia’s fibonacci levels of interest

Industrials and Homebuilders inch to all-time highs

Tech ticks an all-time high

European Banks breakout to multi-year highs

Global participation

Iron Mountain marches to all-time highs

Argentina’s advance

Axon on the cusp of all-time highs

MakeMyTrip meanders higher

Mi Homes marches through $100

The luxury trend continues

Video Game & Content Degeneracy

Pessimistic sentiment 

Seasonality stays intact


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