PhilStockWorld Top Trade Review – Second Half of 2023


Top Trades77.7% - that was our winning percentage in the first half.

Most of our misses were Sunpower (SPWR) and I still like them for the long-term but they haven't done much in 2023. The net gain on our Top Trade Alerts in the first half of 2023 was $65,278 as of our July 13th review and we're well over $100,000 5 months later.

As it is still 2023 and we just went over our Watch List Yesterday, we're going to start the Top Trade Review with 4 new trade ideas from the stocks we identified in yesterday's Morning Report:  

CRSP - We like them because, at $5Bn, they still have $1.8Bn in the bank and they only lost $239M this year so it's like owning a very well-funded research company and giving them 3-4 years to come up with something. The FDA just approved Casgevy therapy for Sickle Cell Disease - legitimizing CRSP's treatment process down the road.  For the LTP, we are adding: 

    • Sell 5 CRSP 2026 $50 puts at $11.50 ($5,750) 
    • Buy 15 CRSP 2026 $50 calls at $30 ($45,000) 
    • Sell 12 CRSP 2026 $80 calls at $19.50 ($23,400) 
    • Sell 5 CRSP March $70s at $5.75 ($2,875) 

That’s net $12,975 on the $45,000+ spread that’s half in the money to start. The upside potential is $32,025 (246%) and, if we sell about $3,000 per quarter in short calls - that's another potential $21,000 (161%) while we wait.

IMAX - We always buy them when they are in a down cycle but they could go much lower (see last Fall) so we're making a small entry for the LTP - happy to DD if they drop back around $12.  They are being hurt by a string of box office failures that have nothing to do with IMax but certainly hit their revenues. 

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