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Democracy on Trial ~ Frontline

MAGA members should, but probably won’t, watch this documentary. 

FRONTLINE investigates the roots of the federal criminal case against former President Donald Trump stemming from his 2020 election loss. Read more here >

    00:00 – Prologue
    00:43 – Donald Trump, the First Former U.S. President Charged With Crimes in Office
    05:10 – How the House Jan. 6 Committee Was Formed
    26:14 – What Did Former President Trump Know About the 2020 Election Results and When Did He Know It?
    44:06 – A Georgia Election Official’s Warning to Trump About Potential for Violence
    51:17 – Arizona Lawmaker Rusty Bowers Recalls Call With Trump: ‘You’re Asking Me to Break My Oath’
    1:03:02 – Poll Workers Caught in an Election Fraud Conspiracy Theory
    1:16:37 – Brad Raffensperger Describes His Georgia Election Phone Call With Trump
    1:24:21- Trump’s Call for a “Big Protest” in D.C. on Jan. 6, 2021
    1:34:23 – The Pressure on Trump’s Justice Department in the 2020 Election’s Aftermath
    1:42:10 – President Trump, Vice President Pence and the Jan. 6 Election Certification
    1:54:04 – Trump White House Aide Cassidy Hutchinson Testifies Before the Jan. 6 Committee
    2:05:21 – House Select Committee Examines What President Trump Did for 187 Minutes on Jan. 6
    2:17:55 – Former President Donald Trump’s Looming Trial
    2:21:58 – Credits
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