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VMware Security Certifications Protect Against More Than Just Dr. Evil -  VMware LearningI don't know the total yet....

I have not finished the LTP update yet so we don't have our total for the paired LTP/STP combo but there isn't much news today and no major data so I figure we may as well begin our portfolio reviews as it's a 2-day job anyway. The STP, surprisingly, is still up 87.7% so I imagine our total is another new record ($1,314,149 last month). That's almost a double off our $500,000 + $200,000 combined start - and that was only last May (16th) as this ridiculous market has us miles ahead of schedule (30-40% a year is our goal)

The S&P 500 was at that blue line (4,000) last May and now 5,175 is up 29.3% in less than a year - one of the epic rallies of history. Combine that with a bit of option leverage and we have a winning formula, of course. In the middle of January we popped over 70 (overbought) on the RSI indicator and now we're 10% over that at 77.11. I don't know WHAT will lead to a correction but it's ALWAYS something.

We won't be sure until the pullback but a sustained move over 4,400 will allow us to move that blue line up to 4,400 (a 10% adjustment for inflation if nothing else) and that will make the red line (bottom of range), 4,000 but we did try doing that right before the last time the RSI hit 70 - late 2021 and we were pretty immediately smacked down by a massive 1,200-point (25%) correction in 2022. 

Still, we were well-hedged then and we're well-hedged now and hopefully not over-confident in our ability to work through a correction.  So far so good as I've been tempted to pull the plug all year yet we're up from $1,203,456 in our Jan 18 Review.

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