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Fareed Zakaria — Revolutions & Global Affairs – Prof G Conversations

Fareed Zakaria — Revolutions & Global Affairs

By The Prof G Show – Scott Galloway


00:00 In this episode
00:58 If you were going to write a book about one revolution, which one would it be?
04:40 What can we learn from past revolutions about AI?
07:04 What lessons from history do you glean and what do they say about geopolitics?
09:50 Is there a great power rivalry between China and the US?
13:28 Is America harming itself?
15:21 What nations are you paying the most attention to?
18:17 Where do you think the war in Gaza is headed?
22:58 Why does Israel not have the same rights to unconditional surrender?
27:15 What might a post-war solution for Gaza look like?
31:28 Hamas’ three objectives
35:41 Do you think there’s a chance that Iran and the US could become allies?
39:20 What are the policies that can save us from ourselves?
43:13 Talk about campuses and reform in higher education

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