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Ukraine’s Fate at Risk Without Increased Aid

This week in Ukraine:

General Christopher G. Cavoli’s stark warning highlights the critical shortage of munitions, including artillery shells and air-defense interceptors, threatening Ukraine’s ability to withstand Russian aggression. Meanwhile, former President Donald Trump’s plan to pressure Ukraine into ceding territory raises concerns among foreign policy experts. As international leaders appeal for US support, Republican lawmakers face a dilemma — supporting Ukraine or pleasing Trump. With urgent calls for aid echoing from foreign officials and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy, the fate of Ukraine hangs in the balance.

The United States gives Ukraine’s military most of two critical munitions that are in shortest supply: artillery shells and air-defense interceptors.

The top American military commander in Europe warned on Wednesday that Ukraine could lose the war with Russia if the United States did not send more ammunition to Ukrainian forces, and fast.

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Inside Donald Trump’s secret, long-shot plan to end the war in Ukraine

Foreign policy experts and some Republicans warned that pressuring Ukraine to cede land would reward Putin

By  and 

Former president Donald Trump has privately said he could end Russia’s war in Ukraine by pressuring Ukraine to give up some territory, according to people familiar with the plan. Some foreign policy experts said Trump’s idea would reward Russian President Vladimir Putin and condone the violation of internationally recognized borders by force.

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America’s moment of truth on Ukraine

Republicans have a stark choice: help Zelenskyy or pay fealty to Trump

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Image by Michael Siebert from Pixabay

As foreign leaders urge US Ukraine support, Republicans look to Trump


An unprecedented series of foreign officials, including from Japan, Britain and Italy, have visited Washington over the past several months and appealed to congressional Republicans to approve more military aid for Ukraine.

But those lawmakers may listen to a different voice entirely – former president, and current Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump.

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Russia Is Buying Politicians in Europe. Is It Happening Here Too?

A former CIA officer explains how a vast, pro-Putin corruption network uncovered in Europe is a warning sign for the U.S.

By Alex Finley, New Republic

Democrats for years have warned about Russian influence in the Republican Party under Donald Trump. But now even some prominent GOP members of Congress are sounding the alarm.

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