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The Most Ridiculous, Right-Wing Supreme Court That Dark Money Could Buy (fixed, pdf)

The Most Ridiculous, Right-Wing Supreme Court That Dark Money Could Buy

The high court’s conservative supermajority is in your body, helping elect Trump, and in-your-face corrupt. No one is going to stop them

By ANDREW PEREZ, Rolling Stone

OVER THE PAST two decades, the Supreme Court has been captured by dark-money interests, and justices are reshaping our laws and society according to their reactionary, far-right vision. It’s a problem that would only be compounded with a second Donald Trump administration pursuing an extreme, right-wing policy agenda. 

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The article argues that the current conservative supermajority on the U.S. Supreme Court has been heavily influenced by right-wing dark money interests, and is using its power to reshape American laws and society according to a reactionary, far-right vision. The author contends that the problem would be exacerbated if Donald Trump were to win a second term as president. Key points:

  1. Trump’s judicial adviser, Leonard Leo, played a key role in selecting three Supreme Court justices and his network has spent millions to confirm them.
  2. The conservative justices have ended federal protections for abortion rights, invalidated gun regulations, limited regulators’ power to address climate change and protect drinking water, and made several other controversial decisions.
  3. The court is set to hear cases that could further advance conservative goals, such as limiting access to abortion medication and allowing domestic abusers to have guns.
  4. The article accuses the court of being corrupt and advocating for Donald Trump in cases related to his eligibility to run for office and his claimed immunity for acts committed as president.
  5. Republicans believe a second Trump term would provide an opportunity for the Supreme Court to further roll back reproductive rights, civil rights, and environmental regulations.

The author concludes that the potential for destruction would be immense if the current Supreme Court were to work in partnership with Trump and his supporters.

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