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Ransomware Is ‘More Brutal’ Than Ever in 2024

Ransomware Is ‘More Brutal’ Than Ever in 2024

As the fight against ransomware slogs on, security experts warn of a potential escalation to “real-world violence.” But recent police crackdowns are successfully disrupting the cybercriminal ecosystem.


Today, people around the world will head to school, doctor’s appointments, and pharmacies, only to be told, “Sorry, our computer systems are down.” The frequent culprit is a cybercrime gang operating on the other side of the world, demanding payment for system access or the safe return of stolen data.

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The article discusses the ongoing fight against ransomware in 2024, with experts warning of potentially escalating tactics by cybercriminal gangs, including threats of real-world violence. 

Key points:

  1. Ransomware attacks continue to target various institutions, causing disruptions in daily life.
  2. Attackers are ramping up intimidation tactics, such as threatening victims directly.
  3. Links between ransomware gangs and violent cybercriminals raise concerns about possible real-world consequences.
  4. Law enforcement has seen some success in disrupting ransomware operations through international collaborations like Operation Cronos and Operation Endgame.
  5. Obstacles to reining in ransomware include the gangs’ tendency to operate from Russia and the Hydra-esque nature of affiliates.
  6. Experts suggest that a ban on payments to ransomware gangs and continued law enforcement actions could help mitigate the problem.

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