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The Inevitable Convergence Of Cybersecurity And Identity Verification

The Inevitable Convergence Of Cybersecurity And Identity Verification

By Dan Yerushalmi, Forbes

Dan Yerushalmi is the CEO of AU10TIX, a global technology leader in identity verification and management.

Cybersecurity and identity verification are headed where they always should have been. It’s impossible to consider one without the other. And this intersection is likely one of the most pivotal shifts we’ll see. It impacts the way we think about and deliver online transactions.

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The article “The Inevitable Convergence of Cybersecurity and Identity Verification” discusses the growing need for a more integrated approach to cybersecurity and identity verification (IDV) in the digital world. Key points include:

  1. Cybersecurity and IDV are becoming increasingly intertwined, and this integration is crucial for secure online transactions.
  2. Current tech stacks often have imperfect integrations, relying on older mechanisms or causing friction in user experience.
  3. AI-based threats are becoming more prevalent and sophisticated, requiring advanced security measures.
  4. The development of stronger cybersecurity and IDV integrations is expected to accelerate due to increasing threats and the need for better protection.
  5. Digital IDs, fortified by blockchain technology, will become invaluable in this integrated approach.
  6. Moving away from a siloed approach to digital security strategy is essential, with cybersecurity and IDV working in tandem.
  7. Industry regulations need to mature and be better enforced, requiring collaboration between lawmakers and industry participants.

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