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Wild Wednesday Wrap Up

Wow, that was a good one!

DOW down 81 but I don’t own any of them so I don’t care but they did ruin the party for all the other exchanges. On CNBC around 2pm I heard them say that the market had turned ugly when every index but the Dow was positive. Way too much weighting is placed on that index.

GM – led the way down with another 5% down day.

RIMM – dropped 6% on a bad ruling

LVS – Monday’s trade of the day finally paid off with a nice 2.5% drop! With the stock now down close to 10% since recommending, I would place a very tight stop on it – sell out if the stock crosses $42. It may get all the way to $39 before it bounces though..

BCRX was a huge winner today, finishing at $16.24. It was a gift to be able to get in at $14. I still think the stock may have $20 in its near future but my stop is set to $15.75.
Still waiting for Valero to tank so we can short the oils although XOM and COP can’t go positive on a great day.

With interest fears on the rise, we should finally get some downward movement on the home stocks.

GOOG – did a small reverse today, if you used tight stops you could have done very well!

CME has been punished to $360, this may be a preview of Google’s future.

HET – I don’t know if it is testing a floor or making a ceiling at $68.

GE – If anyone can explain a .40 drop in that stock today, please take over this column…

TXN – I’ll say I told you so until you buy it!

GME – will be a buy at $30, bad gaming outlook is a gift here.
Stay out of retail!

SIRI – Mel is on Mad Money tonight, we will have to watch this Trade of the Day closely tomorrow.

TIVO – nice rebound off $5.15 to $5.38 but I should have taken the $5.62 at 10:55 and put the money to work elsewhere – now I have to wait…

TWX – My buddy Carl Icahn stepped in to save my stock (I guess after reading my “Out with the Old” column this morning!).

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