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Market Club Videos

Market Club Videos: S&P, Gold, Euro 

By Adam Hewison at Market Club

Clapper Board

S&P Sell Signal 

It’s been a little over a year since we had our first major buy signal for the S&P 500 at 888.70 on 5/4/09. Since that time, the S&P 500 has climbed approximately 61.8% from the lows in early March of ’09.

Our "Trade Triangle" technology gave a sell (5/25) at 1044.50, our first major sell signal since 7/1/08 at 1,272.00.

Watch our S&P VIDEO update here>>

There are a whole host of problems around the world that will have negative consequences for the equity markets. The problems in Greece and Europe are well known and are likely to continue for the balance of the year. This is going to have a negative impact on markets in general.

In my new short S&P 500 video, I share what I think is going to happen to the S&P 500 market and just how you can protect yourself if we are correct. As always our "Trade Triangles" will dictate all market action. At the present time all of our "Trade Triangles" are negative and pointing to the downside. This indicates that a very strong trend is in place and it likely to continue.

Many traders, especially younger traders, are unaware of how bear markets work. Bear markets tend to be demoralizing as they do not have any strong and sustained rallies. They tend to erode as more and more traders become unnerved and throw in the towel.

We are back in the gold market.

After exiting all long positions at 1217.72 on 5/18, we reinstated long positions seven days later on 5/25 at 1196.57.

handing bars of gold up a ladder

As many of you know who watch my videos, we use our weekly "Trade Triangles" for trend direction and our daily "Trade Triangles" for timing entry and exit points. It was those daily "Trade Triangles" that flashed a buy signal on 5/25.

Given the chaotic state of the world and all the cross currents that are running in the banking system, we would not be surprised to see gold once again climb up and challenge the $1,250 level. All of our "Trade Triangles" are green and 100% to the upside. This indicates that a strong trend is once again in place for the gold market.

The return of the Greek drachma … it’s coming

The reality is, the world is in a whole mess of debt and it’s all coming due at the same time.

Make no mistake about it, the situation in Europe is dire. The problems with Greece are well known. The problems in Spain are growing, and the problems in Ireland and Portugal are about to rear their ugly heads.

I’m not going to rhapsodize about the problems in Europe, they are well known and are manifesting themselves in the price action of the world markets, however, in this short video on the euro I want to show you how monthly charts and our "Trade Triangles" tell the story and show the trend very clearly.

My hope is that this new video will highlight some of the reasons why I believe we could be seeing some strong opportunities in this market.


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