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Hello Moto!

If you have a Razor Phone, you have heard that phrase often.

It looks like 45 Million Verizon Customers will soon be able to upgrade to the Uber-cool Razor phone effectively doubling Motorola’s potential market in the US.

Motorola is a company that is firing on all cylinders and once the Verizon deal officially breaks it will be time to buy.

Right now, money is bleeding out of the sector and Motorolla should pull back to it’s $22 50 dma before turning. Motorolla is also suffering from the fact that Apple is moving into chip deals with Intel and IBM but Apple’s chip purchases are probably less than the company spends on paper towels in a year out of their $34Bn in sales.

Again, this is one of those stocks where US analysts just cannot understand how world growth, especially in the communications sector, will affect the macros of a stock.

I’m waiting for fund flow into the sector before buying, unless the deal is announced first but right around $22 I will have my finger on the buy trigger.

Disclosure – I already own $15 Jan ’06 at a huge profit from March!

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