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Phil’s Stock World’s Live Weekly Webinar

Phil's Stock World's LIVE Weekly Webinar 5-25-2022

Major Topics:

00:03:41 Checking on the Markets
00:04:15 USD 
00:14:16 Crude Oil and S&P 500
00:18:47 Gasoline RBOB  
00:20:08 Petroleum Status Report 
00:29:51 US Electricity Flow 
00:36:24 US Budget Deficit 
00:37:24 Back to the Petroleum Status Report
00:46:56 75-day Day Earning Revisions 
00:51:59 Portfolio Reviews 
00:54:53 Nasdaq 100 
01:10:32 10 Year Note 
01:16:45 The Wall Street Journal News
01:23:25 US Gross Domestic Product
01:24:48 US Debt Clock
01:30:24 Market News
01:31:20 FOMC Minutes
01:45:55 SQQQ 
01:48:53 Market Charts

Phil's Weekly Trading Webinars provide a great opportunity to see what we do at PSW. For LIVE access to all our webinars, join us at PSW!

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