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The Highest Paid Jobs Per Hour In Every State

By Anna Peel. Originally published at ValueWalk.

highest-paid jobs
  • Jobs in healthcare are the top earners in 40 states
  • Family medicine physicians in Texas are the highest earners out of all states
  • Sales representatives in Wyoming are the lowest earners on the list

New research has compiled the jobs that pay the most per hour in every US state.

The analysis by insurance broker PolicyAdvisor.com studied data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics to find the occupations in each state with the highest median hourly salary.

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The Highest-Paid Jobs

It found that in most states the highest-paid jobs are in healthcare, with 40 states having their top earners based in the field. Family medicine physicians are the most commonly occurring in the list of jobs, being the highest-paid job hourly in 11 states. They make the most in Texas, with a median hourly wage of $99.98, and are paid the least in Rhode Island, with a median hourly wage of $81.78.

Dentists, podiatrists, and nurse anesthetists all tied for five states each where they are the highest-paid. Dentists earned the most per hour in Connecticut, with a median hourly wage of $95.82. Podiatrists earn the most hourly in Nebraska with a median of $99.89, and nurse anesthetists earn the most per hour in Iowa with a median wage of $96.95.

Job States where highest paid
Family Medicine Physicians 11
Dentists 5
Podiatrists 5
Nurse Anesthetists 5
Pediatricians 4
Ophthalmologists 3
Chief Executives 3
Obstetricians 2
Psychiatrists 1
Astronomers 1
Air Traffic Controllers 1
Anesthesiologists 1
Judges 1
General Internal Medicine Physicians 1
Materials Scientists 1
Natural Sciences Managers 1
Financial Managers 1
Physicians 1
Orthopaedic Surgeons 1
Sales Representatives, Technical and Scientific Products 1

Chief executives are the most commonly appearing job not in healthcare, with three states paying them the most per hour. In Maryland, they earn a median wage of $96.07. Other jobs that appeared outside of healthcare included astronomers, who are the highest-paid per hour in Hawaii, with a median salary of $87.47. Air traffic controllers saw the highest hourly wages in Illinois, with a median of $76.93.

Wyoming had the lowest-paid top job out of all 50 states, with sales representatives in technical and scientific products earning a median hourly salary of $64.05.

Commenting on the findings, a spokesperson from PolicyAdvisor said: “Despite the healthcare field dominating the list with high salaries across many different jobs, it’s great to see the variety across other industries from astronomers to judges to air traffic controllers. It’s also fascinating to see the figures you can earn in each position for a single hour’s work, highlighting which occupations might bring the most pressure in the workplace.”

The study was conducted by PolicyAdvisor, a digital-first life insurance broker, using technology to make insurance simple, quick, and online.

The Highest Paid Jobs Per Hour

State Highest paid job per hour Median hourly wage
Alabama Family Medicine Physicians $93.44
Alaska Dentists $95.65
Arizona Pediatricians $97.82
Arkansas Psychiatrists $94.27
California Dentists $95.26
Colorado Podiatrists $88.98
Connecticut Dentists $95.82
Delaware Pediatricians $92.73
Florida Ophthalmologists $94.24
Georgia Ophthalmologists $95.22
Hawaii Astronomers $87.47
Idaho Pediatricians $81.57
Illinois Air Traffic Controllers $76.93
Indiana Pediatricians $94.01
Iowa Nurse Anesthetists $96.95
Kansas Family Medicine Physicians $94.25
Kentucky Anesthesiologists $98.79
Louisiana Nurse Anesthetists $80.98
Maine Family Medicine Physicians $97.21
Maryland Chief Executives $96.07
Massachusetts Judges $82.32
Michigan Dentists $94.08
Minnesota Chief Executives $86.83
Mississippi Nurse Anesthetists $82.40
Missouri Family Medicine Physicians $92.69
Montana Dentists $84.81
Nebraska Podiatrists $99.89
Nevada General Internal Medicine Physicians $97.52
New Hampshire Materials Scientists $80.31
New Jersey Natural Sciences Managers $92.24
New Mexico Obstetricians $99.06
New York Financial Managers $98.94
North Carolina Ophthalmologists $95.82
North Dakota Podiatrists $79.91
Ohio Obstetricians $94.24
Oklahoma Family Medicine Physicians $94.05
Oregon Podiatrists $80.63
Pennsylvania Family Medicine Physicians $98.81
Rhode Island Family Medicine Physicians $81.78
South Carolina Physicians $99.36
South Dakota Nurse Anesthetists $93.93
Tennessee Family Medicine Physicians $94.51
Texas Family Medicine Physicians $99.98
Utah Family Medicine Physicians $96.91
Vermont Nurse Anesthetists $80.98
Virginia Orthopedic Surgeons $96.17
Washington Podiatrists $87.39
West Virginia Family Medicine Physicians $99.76
Wisconsin Chief Executives $81.53
Wyoming Sales Representatives, Technical and Scientific Products $64.05

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