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The Inescapable Conclusion From the January 6 Hearings

Former President Donald Trump could not be compelled to call off the mob that nearly destroyed democracy. Americans aren’t the most attentive political observers. But thanks in part to Hollywood, they have a pretty clear vision of what they expect their president to do in an unfolding crisis, …

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Interesting that Trump approved 20,000 guardsmen for the capital 4 days prior, General Milley acknowledged he and 4 others witnessed it in his office. Pelosi and the mayor said no way! Why did they do that? Why do they keep saying 6 people were killed when only one was killed…not by protestors but by a guard who shot a 110 lb 5’2″ woman in the neck for no logical reason?
There is nothing like a one-sided trial without cross examination to secure a fraudulent verdict.
I don’t like Trump but we have now destroyed the rule of law completely.

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