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Deprogramming Fox News Viewers After the Latest Trump Indictment

Deprogramming Fox News Viewers After the Latest Trump Indictment

The media outlets who gloss over Trump’s lies do so because it’s profitable for them.

By THOM HARTMANN, Common Dreams 

Dear Trump-loving Friend,

Donald Trump and the fascist-supporting, billionaire-funded right-wing have been lying to you about these indictments, particularly the federal one that charges Trump with trying to overturn the 2020 election in defiance of the Constitution and federal law.

His lawyer has been all over TV telling anybody who will listen that Joe Biden ordered this prosecution and that it’s all about “denying Trump’s free speech right to question an election.”

Both are lies, being spun to try to justify a criminal conspiracy of shocking proportions that nearly ended the American Experiment after 247 years.

First off, Joe Biden has had nothing to do with this: If he had, there would have been shocked news about it out of the DOJ like there was when Trump ordered them to investigate and try to prosecute Hillary Clinton and Hunter Biden.

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