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US, Ukraine Officials Privately Say Counteroffensive Against Russia Has ‘Failed’

Behind closed doors, US and Ukrainian officials believe Ukraine’s months-long counteroffensive against Russia has stalled and failed to achieve its key objectives. This comes at a precarious time as the Biden Administration urges Congress to approve over $60 billion in additional military and financial aid for Ukraine.

US, Ukraine Officials Privately Say Counteroffensive Against Russia Has ‘Failed’ (Exclusive)

The assessments come at a volatile time for Ukraine as the Biden Administration presses Congress for more than $60 billion in additional support

By James LaPorta and Nicole Gaudiano, The Messenger 

Aseries of meetings over the last month between U.S. officials and representatives of Ukraine’s presidential office and defense ministry concluded that the months-long counteroffensive against Russian forces has failed to meet its objectives and reached a stalemate, The Messenger has learned. 

Amid the backdrop of a high-stakes debate in the U.S. Congress over continuing American military and financial support for Ukraine, multiple U.S. defense and intelligence officials told The Messenger that the meetings held in November and December surfaced a range of political and military issues which could undercut Ukraine’s war efforts.

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